I am a Royal family addict and have been since I was kid. My mother would always give me all the books on the Royal family. It was a real treat to be in the UK for the wedding.  I started to watch on TV and than ran to the local cinema where you could watch for free on the big screen. Apparently they couldn’t charge. It was a rule from the Royal family. They even handed out a glass of Posesco! The cinema was full of people in costume and people even wrapped in flags.

Watching on TV with the venue being Windsor Castle was an additional treat. 6 years ago I spent 3 days and 2 nights living at the castle. I was there as a guest of my friend Will, Minister with the Church of Scotland and head of Theology at Princeton in the USA.

I don’t remember the topic for the think tank I was attending, all I can remember is living at the castle. I was like a kid in a candy store!! From the beautiful rooms, the wonderful delivery of tea in early morning, to walking the grounds before the tourists come in. Seeing the nursery school for kids of the household staff, to watching the Queens dog walker walking the corgis; even the trash being collected outside the Queens apartment! Chatting with the Knights who live on the grounds and at night a most beautiful tour of St George’s Chapel by one of the Knights! (where the wedding was held).

It is something special that I will always remember and Oh, we had our meetings in the room with Queen Victoria’s throne in corner, highly intimidating!!



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  1. Thanks Betty, this is great! Hope you are well and would love to get together whenever it would work for you; we are around until early September, when we go to a wedding in England, so lets try and make a date to meet up! Love as always Prue >

  2. Betty, I too am a Royal Family fan, given my mother was a war bride. Got up at 4 am to watch and loved every minute. I am also proud to be an Anglican. Take care. Brian


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