Wonderful Gritty Athens!

I have been in Athens about 10 days now.  The flat I am renting is in the heart of the city and the underground is about one minute away. The underground is very pristine, built for 2004 Olympics. It looks and is excellent!

Rosamund, my friend who owns the flat is Australian and is going home for Christmas. I think she is coming back in February sometime.

I have been very social, reconnecting with friends I met here 3 years ago, so lunches, dinners, teas and drinks! This whole city is very social and they love to meet up for whatever. Rosamund had a party to introduce me to new friends.

The Canadian Cultural Association is very active and I have joined the American Embassy discussions. Very interesting stuff about Trump etc.

I plan to visit friends on a couple of islands.

Rosamund is leaving next week, so maybe I will have time to think about the book.

Athens seems to be friendly; more than when I was here before. Things are still very bad economy- wise, jobs etc. I just think people are resolved to whatever life brings. The homeless on the street are all displaying wounds and cuts to get money. I met a man, very well dressed, black leather pants, white shirt, and good shoes with a great suntan, apparently he lives on the beach! (Who knows)

I have even been talked into helping with a Church Bazaar for Christmas. It’s very large and I am told the helpers are served coffee with Bailey’s when they arrive. I will let you know.

So all in all great beginning.


PS: Oh, I forgot about the demonstration. In 1974, 18 students were killed, so every year on November 17th they are remembered and the city is closed down and I mean everything!


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  1. Hi Betty, Nice to hear from you again. Athens looks fantastic, and the flat also. Miss you on the community bus. Mark is still looking after us. Dave still has his cough, he has had a CT scan and they have ruled out cancer. He’s now waiting for an endoscope internal examination. Hope to hear from you again soon.
    Love from Eve & Dave.

  2. Hi Betty You sure do see the real world in a marvellous way with your travels! Enjoy and please keep sending us the wonderful pictures, they are marvellous! All well here, thank God; we just returned from a visit to England, meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury, then meeting up with family for a reunion lunch! Love as always Prue >

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