21st trip to India!

I wasn’t planning on taking a trip in 2017, but changed my mind when I was invited to Call of the Time meeting; COTT for short. The invite came from the Brahma Karmaris in Mt Abu. 25 people from the around the world, from all walks of life including; Education, Business, Social Services as well as individuals that have creative projects in the Arts etc. Our time is spent discussing world topics, meditations and silence time in a very beautiful setting.

Also, for me seeing old friends is always fun.

Very quick 10 day visit as I had to get back to Cambridge to attack my age old issue of luggage. Paul has adopted my luggage and is very helpful (wonderful friend). I am now repacked for Athens! I just had 3 days in UK and was very busy seeing people etc. and catching up on politics (What a mess).

Back to Mt Abu, my friend Dr. Sharma is truly a renaissance man. He is a poet, writer, painter, and he donates his time to many different causes and people. He will have art exhibit in Toronto arranged by an old friend (I have nothing to do with it). Art is on its way as I am writing this blog and the sale of the paintings will go to a Blind School in Mt Abu.

I have arrived in Athens with 5 bags. Easy Jet has a very easy and cheap way of transporting bags as long as you book your number of bags ahead.

I am staying at lovely old flat with a large terrace in the centre of the city, It is owned by my friend Rosamund, who is showing me the ropes before she leaves for Australia.

More later!

I was upset by news of Kevin Spacey, he is one fine actor and cancellation of House of Cards, just sad.


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  1. Thanks for the great pictures! We just arrived home last night from a 2 week visit to England, having a great family gathering and good meetings with the Archbishop of Canterbury. Now busy trying to catch up at home! Love as always Prue >

  2. Hi Betty Great to hear from you, thanks for your lovely note! We are in Stratford on Avon in England right now, after attending meetings with the Archbishop of Canterbury. We will stay here for a couple of weeks visiting family before returning home. It is great catching up with family and friends! Hopefully we can meet up with you before too long, so keep in touch and let us know your schedule and we will work a date out! Meantime love as always Prue

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