Puri, Orissa, Land of Magic- India

I left Northern India in the west to travel by 2 planes to Bhubaneshwar on the east coast of India, which is on the Bay of Bengal‎. I had been invited to the Brahma Kumaris Retreat Centre at Puri, on the sea for 5 days, and had no idea what to expect! I was greeted at the airport in a big jeep with flags by the BK family for the hour and half journey to Puri. I got into the car and all the bags opened for a wonderful picnic lunch, even with a tablecloth. When I arrived I was greeted by long line of sisters as the car drove up driveway for a wonderful welcome with flowers etc, the Centre has head spiritual Sister Marjiwa, who I have nicknamed ” The  Fearless One,” she is an excellent manager, she cares very much, plus is superb at training and nurturing. The centre is located on over 3 acres with 20 Sisters and Brothers who live there with a Museum, Art gallery, Meditation hall and meeting rooms. On the day I left they were holding a conference for 800 people; the topic was, Safety for Woman in India.

As you know Indian food is not my favourite, but they had organic garden which was spectacular, everything was grown, even cashews! The food was fresh and beautifully cooked by the sisters. Sister Alka watched over me, she was lovely and very clever.

One morning I had sore throat, so I asked for hot water and lemon, and of course they ran to the trees to pick limes and lemons ( so lucky was I). My role there was to help develop a relationship with hotels, and the Bk’S(Puri is large tourist area‎) , so I had a meeting with  the hotel, and the next day 10 managers showed up for tea, a tour and chat. The Bk’s have about 5000 people through their doors every year, so it could be beneficial for both, it went very well. Marjiwa has invited me back next year to pursue a hotel project, we shall see!!

It was amazing 5 days in so many ways!! I felt very fortunate!!


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  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful report Betty! So glad all is going well for you. Take care and we will stay in touch, love as always Prue >

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