As I said in last blog; the Congo was very difficult to process and understand!  The President is supposed to call an election, but he wants to call one at the most beneficial time for him!! With that said, some people want him gone and of course, he doesn’t want to resign. There are riots in Capital and when I returned to Cambridge I heard on the BBC World Service reports from the UN saying they were not sure that they could control the unrest. I was relieved; I had made right decision to leave early. The President doesn’t seem to be putting much back in the country at all, my guess is, more resources and money are leaving or staying with the President!

Back in Cambridge I caught up with movies, friends etc, Cambridge has this wonderful movie house, with a lovely restaurant attached. You can take wine into theatre and they show a cross section of Hollywood, Art and Foreign movies, it is programmed extremely well. In addition to that they sporadically play movies with Q and A as well as surprises that they give to their members, such as Premiere free movie on a Sunday morning.

I started to pack for India, I have been invited to the 25th anniversary for the Global Hospital, this is a hospital that I have long history with, dating back to 1991, when I was the first Western patient, and I had pneumonia. If you have read my book you know the story, but I will repeat it here. I spent one week in Hospital, and was taken very good care of, when I returned home, a Fed –EX packaged arrived at my door with my X-rays and many slips of papers with all the instructions about my care. I was so impressed and surprised so I sent a donation to the hospital. I was also taken to see the Tribal Villages near the hospital, and saw the dire need of fresh water, general hygiene and healthy meals. This resonated deep within me, so when I returned to Canada, I established charity and for the next few years fund-raised for a number of projects here and around the world.

Celebrations for the anniversary were fun! I was honored by the Minister of Health and the head of hospital for my work the last number of years (see picture of funny hat) and received many presents! I should add I also spent 3 months in one year and 4 months the next year living at hospital, where I was working to develop an awareness and “friend-raise” (as we called it) with the community!‎

I am spending the next few days at the BK’S massive complex here. I am meeting up with BK and community friends. Geeta, the Hotel owner (very caring lady), Dr Sharma who is a writer, poet, singer, composer and physician, and truly a renaissance man. I will also be meeting with Colonel Ram and Veena ,and of course Dadi Janki, who is head of the BK’s  and who is now nearly 101, she is one very wise woman, she calls me her old Canadian friend ‎(now that’s a honor!).

I will also be traveling to PURI on the sea and on the other side of India and will be back in Cambridge ‎on Nov7th, the day before the US election that the world is talking about!!

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  1. Hi Betty Thanks for this update! What a wonderful life you are living! Enjoy every moment and everything you do and then write another book for us! Love as always Prue

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  2. My Lord! What an exciting adventure you had in the Congo. Smart move to get out of there! I’m hesitating about going south this winter – in case Trump wins in November lol.

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