Majorca, the Celebration of Life and Passing of a Lovely Lady!!

Just came back from a 5-day visit with friends in Palma, Majorca, where the weather was sunny and hot!

Beautiful Majorca!
Beautiful Majorca! 

First, I stayed with Manuela

Beautiful Manuela in Palma Majorca!
Beautiful Manuela in Palma Majorca! 

and her new man Anthony, Manuela is a very skilled corporate and personal coach. She helps people set new directions in life and realize their dreams. Anthony is just wonderful and I think he should be cloned; he’s respectful, caring, and smart, with a massive heart and lots of skills. He was performing Motown one night, which was fun, but it didn’t start until after 11pm, long past my bedtime!

And Manuela's great new partner Anthony performing Motown, in Palma!
And Manuela’s great new partner Anthony performing Motown, in Palma! 

I also met up with Annie, I had a rented space with her a couple ‎of years ago, she is very much a free spirit, she performs weddings on the island, and lives in a small village near Palma, with the most beautiful town square, where we enjoyed dinner.

Next, on I stayed with Glynis.

Friend Glynis, son Paul, and of course Maggie in front of their home in Majorca!
Friend Glynis, son Paul, and of course Maggie in front of their home in Majorca! 

Glynis has a radio show on the island with many guests discussing happiness and has a growing business leading weddings and funerals; her business is really Birth to Death! She has 2 great children and her ex lives 2 doors away, so they can co-parent, it seems to work very well!‎

‎It was fun to be back in Majorca, where I spent total of 3 months, couple of years ago. ‎


‎The passing of Muhammad Ali. He was man with a great spirit, and gave back so much in many many ways to all walks of life, he was an inspiration! At this memorial service President Bill Clinton gave brilliant speech, (if you get a chance, watch it).

Also, very sad event, my ex husband Larry, and wife Audrey lost daughter far too young, at 52, to Cancer. I always liked Beth; she loved life, she called a spade a spade and had a great spirit, so, Beth, Rest in Peace, with love and remembrance, Betty.


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