Reflections on the UK!

It is June 2nd, it’s cold, windy, with no sun, and I have on a cashmere sweater, a light down jacket, a scarf and flip-flops for my pedicure today (crazy but true)! When the sun does shine, it is very beautiful, but it just doesn’t happen enough!

I just love it here, I would use words like stimulating and civil, to describe the environment, and the people are reliant, resourceful, hardy, and dependable, they don’t suffer fools lightly! Cambridge, as I have said, has 126,000 people and I am told 36,000 bikes, I believe you are more likely to be hit by bike than car. There is so much to do such as, attend lectures, conferences, the theatre, and enjoy music! I have attended a conference on Africa, (getting me ready for my trip to Goma DRC in September) at the School for Social Innovation, for the first time I heard comments like, “corruption has to be stopped”, and “people have to carry out and finish what they have said they will do”. I also attended a conference on “International Development”, worldwide and how it is changing, for example Ambassadors are talking out South and North Korea. On the lighter side I’ve gone to festivals, movies, and I was even invited to go Salsa dancing, which I declined! My friends here are of all ages, which I love and I meet new people all the time!

My mode of transport is walking, bike riding, taxi, I have great driver when I need, his name is Sasa, from Croatia, for longer trips, and I take the bus, I have my free pass which saves fortune, each bus trip is 2 pounds 50, which is close to 5 Canadian dollars, so the bus pass is brilliant! There are so many words I’ve had to learn, for example “the boot”, is a “car trunk”, “sorted”, is “done” and “on offer”, is “sale”.

The Queens birthday is next week, and I have been invited to party‎ to celebrate!

I had a very fast trip to London (half a day) to have a chat and visit with Sister Jayanti (Jayanti is in charge of the UK and Europe, and was extremely helpful with many of my travels) and the BK family; I had to be back for a coffee meeting, and the train takes 45 minutes for a trip back to Cambridge!

So all in all it’s “brilliant”, as they say! ‎


I ordered all of my prescriptions for year before I left Canada for cost of 400 dollars, well that was a mistake because it’s all free here, not even a dispensing fee!! Also, as of today exams are over, and the party is on, students walking around with open bottles of beer and wine, with party hats on, just having good time!


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  1. Hi Betty Not sure if I sent you a reply or not! Great to hear from you. Bruce fell three weeks ago and fractured his right kneecap, so we have not been doing much, as he has to wear a full leg brace for another three weeks before he can walk normally, and may have to go for physio then anyway! Otherwise all is moving steadily forward, the weather is quite pleasant and we do not intend travelling until latish in September when we are coming over to England for the Compass Rose Society meetings with the Archbishop of Canterbury. Take care and enjoy where you are! Love Prue Sent from my iPad


  2. And Betty, based on the above reply, you should also try to get to one of the Last Night of the Proms concerts in London. I believe they are usually held around this time, although they may already be over. I would think Her Majesty might be at one of them. Brian

  3. Betty,
    I envy you being in Cambridge. It is one of my favourite cities, plus my favourite choir from Kings’ College. I hear the organ is under renovation right now. I listen to them all the time on YouTube and they have a great conductor, Stephen Cleobury, and he has been there for many years now. I remember singing under Sir David Willcocks, a previous conductor, when I worked in Edmonton for CN. How time flies. I just turned 70 last month, can you believe. Do have a glass of wine for me to honour Her Majesty on her birthday. Will be watching the celebrations on TV. Will be interesting to see whether the people vote to leave the EU. To me, it does not seem to be the thing to do in today’s global economy, but time will tell. Take care. Brian

  4. Betty, you have to get yourself invited to a May Ball – the highlight of the social scene in Cambridge!

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