I have been back in Canada for 2 weeks; it’s been fun seeing everyone, especially the grandkids! Where am I going from here? Well as I have said I am moving to Cambridge UK for one year, but not until April! I will be visiting California for 3 weeks in March to hang out with my friends, Barbara and Stephen. I will see a very old friend, Michael, for few days, plus other friends and hopefully get a suntan before I go to the UK!

Decisions; my heavy duty traveling is over, it has been a wonderful 3 years, I’ve seen so many things, met so many wonderful people and have been totally taken care of by the BK family and my friends all over the world. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be a Nomadic Intern and will STILL be a Nomadic Intern, just in a different way!

What will I do in Cambridge? Travel to parts of the UK and Europe, take a course and I am thinking of writing another book! I have a lot of thinking and sorting out in my mind about my experiences over the last 3 years.

I will keep you posted‎!!


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  1. Delighted to read your latest epistle and hope that you can get writing another book soon!

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