Where Next in the World!!

Friends, Spectacular garden in Cambridge (the Canadian Cambridge)
Friends, Spectacular garden in Cambridge (the Canadian Cambridge)
This is the Newfoundland I love!!
This is the Newfoundland I love!!

It is the end of August and I am in cottage country, about 2 and a half hours North of Toronto visiting my friend, Betty, who is 86 years old! Betty has owned this cottage for over 40 years. She also spends a part of the year in a lovely home in Florida.

Betty has been my friend for about 45 years; she was in Municipal Politics with her late husband, Bill. I ran some of her political campaigns! Betty has a great energy and spirit, she has worked very hard for her community; it was always difficult to keep up with her! One of my favourite memories was when she won; she took all of her Campaign team to a resort for the weekend. We had a little much to drink and we were pulling icicles off of trees to use as ice cubes, and the next morning we were all green, but Betty was having a massive breakfast and couldn’t understand what was wrong!

At her age she keeps up 2 houses and drives to and from Florida, ‎we have had very different lives; she just shakes her head and smiles at my life! My wish for Betty is that she gives up some of her stuff and just enjoy!!

At the end of September my traveling starts again. First stop Columbia, South America, where I will play a tourist for a few days. Next Sarajevo, to be a part of some programs for the BK’s, that is still a tough part of the world! Dubai and Kuwait are next, before I spend one month in India. Oh, 2 weeks in Cambridge UK to look for place to spend more time in as a base in 2016. I will attend 100th birthday party for Dadi Janki, plus I will travel through Southern India, Kerala, etc., it is my favourite part of India, quiet, green, and the highest literacy rate in India. I will finish off with one month in Bali!

I know, tough life!!!

P.S. I will have more information on trip as planning proceeds!


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  1. I would love to share it. With you, maybe Skype would work!Hugs Betty Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Rogers network. From: The Nomadic InternSent: Thursday, September 3, 2015 3:07 AMTo: bettypbf@interlog.comReply To: comment+c3kfn79j_jtgs255s15ctz3o-@comment.wordpress.comSubject: [The Nomadic Intern ] Comment: “Where Next in the World!!”

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  2. Hi Betty,

    exciting life you lead.

    Last weekend I was in Melbourne attending a training for TRE (trauma and stress release exercise.) I was introduced to it a few weeks back in Tasmania by a lovely lady from Slovenia called Jelka.

    I am doing the teacher training and plan to use it as my funds for travelling around the world in between painting. It will take several months to complete. It has been used in post war countries (thinking of Mary) and by the US military. It is really profound for anyone actually. The initial work comes from a man called Peter Levine and his theory and research into somatic body therapy and was developed by David Berceli.

    Hope I can share it with you one day.

    Warm wishes


  3. Well have a wonderful time as you cruise around the world … not yet found a place to call your own? And did your phone ever get resolved or did you get another one?
    🙂 For now …

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