The Boardroom to the Mountain Top

This is the picture that is being used for my speaking gig in Edmonton and Calgary, two of my stops in July!
I LOVE IT!! Edmonton_Betty_July2015

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  1. Hi Betty,

    Just checking in to say hi. The next year of your life sounds very exciting. Putting down roots in the U.K. WOW! Have you narrowed down where or are you still in process?

    Saw our friend Julie two weeks ago. Andy and I went to her restaurant for dinner and ran into the entrepreneurial cover girl with the golden heart just by chance. I’m so proud of what she has accomplished. The restaurant looks and is doing fantastic plus the food was excellent.

    I had a challenging trip to Cyprus complicated by sandstorms from Syria that bounced me from airport to airport in Europe for 48 hours. So happy to see the smoke stack polluted skies of New Jersey. I almost kissed the concrete when I landed in Newark in celebration.

    I handed in 7 chapters, waiting for comments which is always nerve racking but I am also doing my best to detach.

    That’s all the news fit to print.

    Sending all my love. Safe travels.

    xoxox K

  2. Betty, when are you back in TO? I’ve been away almost continuously since the beginning of April and I have three more trips in the next two weeks. No rush but it would be good to have lunch somewhere, sometime, if not on the Mountaintop!


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