Next Chapter for Betty’s Mountain Top!!

As many of you are aware as I travel, I am looking for place, or places, where I can grow old, with interesting people and good conversation, (last update was September 18th 2014, please revisit BMT concept on blog).
But, travelling is in my blood and I still love the adventure of it and am not ready to settle in one location as YET, so as long as health and energy hold out I will continue. BMT is still in the cards and I have decided to let concept sit for a while and see how the Universe unfolds. A Number of friends from around the world have helped me with planning, ideas, numbers, advice and moral support.
A very big, THANK YOU! Please keep the thought!


One thought on “Next Chapter for Betty’s Mountain Top!!

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  1. Hi Betty Great to just see you at the coffee shop! How about getting together at the Hunt for dinner on either June 29 or 30th? Let me know which works better for you! Love Prue

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