I have been traveling for about a year and a half now and I still love the adventure and the feeling of total freedom!

Here are a few thoughts:

  • I feel at home wherever I am, no matter where I arrive; it may be at a hotel, an apartment, a friend’s home, or a guesthouse. Within the hour I have unpacked and I have made wherever I am, my home, maybe with some fresh flowers, by finding the right laundry or a coffee place will do it, (I never know), but it always happens.
  • Canada’s infrastructure, for example the roads, and sidewalks are excellent, but our subways and transportation to the airport are not (in Toronto at least)! In most cities, where I travel, I walk with my head down, because of all of the holes, big cracks, etc.
  • In Costa Rica, the taxi drivers are rude and will cheat you. Costa Rica is concerned about losing tourism to Cuba, yet it is very expensive here and customer service is non-existence. The homeless watch over the cars so they don’t get stolen, or broken into, etc., while they are parked and the car owners give them some coins.
  • People all over the world want the same thing, safety, freedom, enough food and a roof over their heads, and the same thing for the people they love.
  • Diversity is something we have had in Canada since PM Trudeau came to power, but as I travel I notice that various nationalities are integrated into the total society, in Toronto for example we have Greek, Italian, various African communities all living in separate areas of city, I am not suggesting this was planned, but has turned out this way for the most part.
  • I don’t even notice the colour of people’s skin anymore. People are people, good and not so good. In every race and background.
  • It’s funny, a large percentage of the world still has squat toilets, not just India, and as I have said before, I could write book on toilets and showers!!!
  • Corruption of all forms is alive and well!!
  • People ask me if I get lonely as I travel. The answer is, not at all; I seem to be very busy with friends, conversations with groups and planning my next stop!
  • I meet people that have been traveling for years. Young people that are questioning the world and their role in it. People that are having great difficulties with the speed of life and asking where the values are. I have also met many people that are fearful for themselves and the future for their children.
  • Health-wise, I am good, but I would love to bring my chiropractor, Adam, from Toronto, with me, my back and neck are my challenge as I travel. In terms of finding right treatment, think I have had every strange treatment in the book!
  • Am I worried about my future? For some reason I am not! What will I do next? I have no idea YET!!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts!!

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  1. Betty you are wonderful! So glad you can enjoy life so much! Long may it continue for you! Love Prue

  2. Betty, you are going to have to change the name of your blog from “The Nomadic Intern” to “The Travel Guru.”

    Will we see you in this part of the world any time soon?


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