Airlines– Great Story!!

We all know air travel is no fun, I try to zone out on flights, watch lots of movies, catch up on TV series, such as Scandal, True Detective, The Good Wife, etc. I work very hard to get exit row or a bulkhead seat, but because I travel using so many different airlines, I don’t have a lot of say, but I do ok!

On the flight leaving Hobart, I was really concerned, because I was stopping in Sydney, then another 15 hour flight to Dallas and I had 90 minutes to clear customs in US, pick up luggage and go through security, before boarding plane to San Jose. The last time I came in from Australia, I landed in LA and I was in the customs line for 2 hours, it was nightmare!! So, I called Quantas and requested a chat with the supervisor, (I used the age card) I ended up with best seat, right behind Business class for whole way. When I arrived, I requested help at Dallas, this big wonderful 300 pound lady named Belle showed up and whizzed me through picking up luggage, going through customs and security and depositing my luggage again, she was spectacular!! I got it all done in 35 minutes, Belle knew everyone, she had great southern charm, US Customs guy looked at me and said, “you’re ok, you are with Belle!” I was totally amazed! When it was all over I asked Belle, if I could call her employer and say how wonderful she had been, or would she prefer tip. Belle asked for tip, she ended up being single Mom, we hugged, she said, “bless you” and off she went! Belle is one of the special ones!!!


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  1. Hi Betty hanks for this one; I will try and see if we can get a similar response next time we travel, as it gets worse and worse each time we go anywhere! Love as always Prue

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