Stunning Mauritius, Africa!!

Mauritius is so UNLIKE the Africa I know, gentle people, systems and structures that work. I had to pinch myself for my luck to be there on my journey. It has population of million and half people; it’s tropical (very hot) and is about 100 miles long. They call it a dot in the Indian Ocean, but I call it a jewel! I arrived and stayed first night at the BK Retreat Centre, which was right on the sea, with a lovely room overlooking the water.

Beautiful Indian Sea!!
Beautiful Indian Sea!! 

The next day I contacted the lady who I was supposed to rent an apartment from. It got a little weird, she didn’t show up and when I did see apartment it wasn’t what I expected at all, so I asked if I could stay at Retreat Centre and they said yes, which was brilliant, (much nicer than apartment). The Retreat Centre is run by a wonderful sister, who was just such a marvellous cook, Sister Shobha, used the very best ingredients and just produced the most tasty meals!

Very special BK Sister Shobha, best Chef in the BKs
Very special BK Sister Shobha, best Chef in the BKs 

The Government donates land to religious and non – profit groups, so in a row all facing the sea, were The Christian Centre, Muslim Centre, BK Centre and Hindi Temple (neighbors), that is the way the world should operate! They also have a cashmere factory on Island, which produces high quality clothes (a little strange for the tropics), the ice cream truck playing “Jingle Bells”, made me laugh, and the beach parties at night with wonderful African music were great, it made sleeping little tough at times!

They are having elections and people were a little nervous, about the outcome, they want to continue to have the best life possible. Sugar Cane and Tourism are the main Industries and also many very high-end hotels are here, French is spoken a lot, but most know English.

I walked with the lions, best tourist attraction I have been on, better than the safari, but close to the silver apes. When you make a booking they ask how tall you are, no one less than 5 feet is allowed (wonder why?)!! You walk with a trainer for 45 minutes in the jungle with 2 lions, it is just an amazing experience and you realize very quickly why lions are called the King of the jungle, you can feel their power, big time.

Lion up tree!!
Lion up tree!! 
Walking with the Lions!
Walking with the Lions! 
Same Lions!!
Same Lions!! 
Still with Lions!!
Still with Lions!! 

I also presented 4 presentations, to doctors, business people, government employees and woman entrepreneurs, on business, on how to move forward with life and freedom, which I really enjoyed doing, and as usual meeting amazing people along the way! I also put myself back together, which means, nails, eyebrows, hair coloured, chiropractic, teeth cleaning, all very professional and very high standard. Poverty doesn’t seem to exist here, people seem to get married, save money and buy home. My driver and his wife, who did my laundry, had a lovely home!

As usual the BK’s were marvelous and without them it would have been impossible to have such a successful and quality time, in Mauritius they have strong and very respected presence in the Community.

Now off to Australia!!


4 thoughts on “Stunning Mauritius, Africa!!

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  1. Hi Lady B… vavavavom this is Epic,, loved the blog…….and OMG the pics,, especially the one you tickling the ( derrier LOL ) of that gorgeous Animal,….and ohhhhhhhhhhhhh la la la your grin ….priceless.
    Cant hardly wait for your next mojo.
    now for the first time on my Heaven here on Mount Abu,,, am green of ENVY

  2. What a perfect experience for you; it looks and sounds amazing! Hope you really enjoyed the lions!!!
    Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year and enjoy Australia!

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