Down Under and Other Things!!

Australia, I was there for about 3 weeks, staying in the forest,

In the forest!
In the forest!

at retreat centers that were all magnificent, and all very different and unique, I also spent a week with my lovely friend Barbara in Melbourne, which I love, it is very livable city (it reminds me of Vancouver). There is loads of culture of every description; art, theatre, dance, etc., which seems to be well supported by the community. In contrast Sydney, I found to be very harsh and quite rough and very different than I remember, I think the awful incident last week, will make it even tougher! One of the most unique visits I made was to “the Sanctuary”, where Robin and Michael have developed this place which has all the amenities of a beautiful resort, out in middle of nowhere, with an amazing Bathhouse,

Stunning Bathhouse at the Sanctuary!
Stunning Bathhouse at the Sanctuary!

with all the bells and whistles, where you wake up to find wallabies at your door and window. I traveled all day on bus and a train to get there from Sydney! Thanks to Barbara, Robin, Michael, Phillippa, Sally, Jacqueline, David, Carmen and most of all Charlie Hogg for making it all happen!!

Friends, Barbara, and Carmen in beautiful Melbourne Park!
Friends, Barbara, and Carmen in beautiful Melbourne Park! 

Plus a whole bunch of other people that took me places, found things for me, made me magnificent meals, etc., and to the many new and old friends! It was amazing in so many ways!!!!

Australia has also become quite expensive over the past few years, and the PM Tony Abbot isn’t well respected and probably won’t last long. He was quoted in the paper last week as saying he had given wrong information because he had hangover (to people in Toronto that may sound familiar).

In closing, all I can say is how lucky I am to have all of these opportunities at this stage of my life, this journey of mine is always new, creative, and keeps opening my eyes (never boring). I have no idea where it will take me or when it will end, but it doesn’t matter! I have outlived my parents by many years already (it is all a gift).

Off to Hobart Tasmania, one of my goals is to see the movies nominated for the Golden Globes!



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  1. Dear Betty…it was nice talking and having a coffee with you today at Salamanca…
    …safe travels,

    nick and johanna

  2. Happy Holidays, Betty! Sending all of my love to you and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year and that love extends to all the Brahmans worldwide as well!!! You mention Carmen and Australia is that Warrington? If so please pass on my sincerest thanks to her. I listen to her meditations daily. Safe travels and have a wonderful trip! Miss you!

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