After Trinidad!!!

Well, 2 days after my trip to Trinidad, I attended the Schembri wedding, Julie, my friend’s eldest child Jeremy was getting married. (For those who read my book, Julie’s late husband Charles was one of the special ones in the world, and in my life, he died very young of Cancer). It was a beautiful Country wedding, the groom arrived on a tractor, and the bride’s dog walked her up the aisle. (I think this will be the first wedding of Julie’s 5 kids.) Julie made over 200 cupcakes; they all looked amazing and had special things inside that tasted very good!! I was delighted to attend.

Next I went to Woodstock, New York to visit Kathy and Andy, Kathy is a Writer, she has an Internet Radio Show, she is a special friend, and Andy is a Composer, an arranger of music for many Broadway Shows including Wicked. It was great to catch up with them! Then I drove to Englewood, New Jersey, where I was meeting Rha, she is lovely, very bright and a beautiful woman, I had met in Athens. Rha does a lot of leading edge work and at this point in time one of her projects is helping the city of Dallas, Texas with its profile. So, I walked into the restaurant where we were meeting, and ordered a glass of wine, (now, I was told to go down the street, buy the wine and bring it back). This restaurant was many generations old, but didn’t have a liquor license, because the Mafia was in there all the time and wouldn’t give them a deal on the license (many hundreds of thousands of dollars). Englewood looks and sounds like the movie The Godfather, from the haircuts, the conversations, etc. it was a real throwback. The next day I took a bus into Manhattan (15 min trip) to the New Museum at the World Trade Centre.

New World Trade Centre, in NY
New World Trade Centre, in NY
Where the twin towers were!
Where the twin towers were!
One of the steel beams!
One of the steel beams!

Everyone should definitely check it out!! It is very powerful, creative, beautifully done, and emotional, it had me on the verge of tears for 2 hours, the most heartfelt story was about a red motorcycle.

Restored Motorcycle (quite the story)!
Restored Motorcycle (quite the story)!

One of the firemen had brought an old, and very broken-down motorcycle and his buddies all said it would never work, well this gentleman died on 911 and his buddies at the fire hall restored it and it is there in all its glory. Museum was not over the top, just REAL!

I did some shopping of course! All was well until I got to the Canadian Border and I was stopped, the car was ripped apart and my luggage was gone through piece by piece, it took 2 hours, I wasn’t happy to say the least!!! I hadn’t declared red cowboy boots, my fault, so I got caught!! Oh the joys of a Nomad. I finally got to Montreal where I had great weekend staying with BK family and friend Eric, great food and company. Next stop after a rest at home, my annual visit to Newfoundland!!! It is one of my homes!!

Enjoy rest of your summer!


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  1. Great to hear from you Betty! We too have been on the run, spending two weeks in Tuscany at my cousin’s villa with youngest David and his wife. Then we cruised in the Mediterranean for two weeks and now are cottage visiting with friends, plus going to Niagara to wineries and to Statford, both of them to the theatre!
    Love as always

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