A Great Teacher and Human Being

Brahma Kumar Brother Anthony Strano,

Anthony Strano
Anthony Strano
Passed away suddenly in Brazil last week of a massive heart attack. I was very honoured, blessed and privileged to have spent 2 months in Athens (May and June) where I had a flat very close to Anthony’s. He held class every morning, which I attended when we were both in town. He was one of the best Spiritual teachers I have ever met. Some of the comments I would make about Anthony is that he was very practical, he had a lot of clarity, common sense, a sense of reality, humorous, knowledgeable about the real world, caring, considerate, aware and respectful of where each person was at in their lives. He was a history buff, and also lived in and visited many countries and he always made point of understanding culture and how it all fit together, wherever he was. I am very sad he was taken so early; so many people around the world will miss him! Although his presence will continue to be felt through his books, CD’s and his spiritual work!! This was very difficult to write, because no words can do Anthony justice!! Anthony, Thank you for being my friend and in my life! OM SHANTI (peaceful soul)


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. It is never easy when an unexpected passing takes place. You are in our thoughts and prayers. much love….

  2. Betty, sorry to hear the news about your friend. It seems to happen more often as we fade into the sunset.

    We are on standby for an invasion by grandkids. Aaagh!


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