In the rain and fog!! Sun did appear!

Well, I decided before I leave Palma that I should experience other islands. Getting tickets on the ferry wasn’t easy! It is still winter to the Spanish and I should have listened!! So I bought a ticket from port in Palma and appeared at 7am to board. The police arrived because I didn’t have my passport with me, but I did have credit cards and a driver’s license which seemed to work and the police waived me on.

Wind Swept Beaches !
Wind Swept Beaches !

Four hours to IBIZA. There’s lots of wealth but it reminded me of a poor man’s Sardinia. I arrived in Formentera, to be told that Saturday afternoon was bank holiday! Nothing open, no Scooters, cars, or bikes and only one restaurant open on the whole Island. But because the season doesn’t start until May, the last and only tour bus left at twelve noon. So I was out of luck except for Taxi’s that charged forty Euros an hour. Since it only takes 45 minutes to see island, it seemed a reasonable option, not that I had choice (I could have stayed at Port for hours). The saving grace to all of this was that the only restaurant was excellent and right on the sea!

I don’t understand why people raved about Formentra, it was like a scrub land, not pretty at all, but the sea was a beautiful color! The island was only ten kilometers, population 10,000 and six cities. Well in one of those cities I had to get cash, no use of credit cards anywhere on island.

Hanging over the cliff
Hanging over the cliff

We stopped at a bank machine; there was no money in the machine!! I told driver that there was no money, so he called someone who arrived in suit to put money in the machine (It was too surreal). I forgot to say I was only tourist on the island; the other people on the ferry were residents! (Very weird feeling). I will be writing next week when I leave Palma, a summary blog on Spain and my first 6 months as Nomadic intern.


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