It has been a very busy start to 2022: socially active and trying to plan the next few months for myself. Questions: When do I leave?…Where do I go?…How long do I travel for? I have to make some decisions in the next month, or I lose my tickets to Canada and the UK—so will try and guess.

COVID-19 has appeared here, and the Governor of the state has announced only vaccinated people can go to casinos, special events, etc. Restaurant rules haven’t changed yet.

The second week of February I will be traveling with friends to see the Monarch Butterflies for a couple of days. Apparently this is quite the sight. Will have pictures after the trip!

Friends were in town from Kansas City the other day They own property here for when they retire in a couple of years. Over dinner another gentleman joined us who had arrived two weeks ago. After dinner he asked us if we wanted to visit his home. Well…that was spectacular! We went to a small black entrance next door to the restaurant, and it opened into the most massive home. Many bathrooms, gardens, rooms, and a swimming pool. This home had a front door on one street and ended up as my next door neighbor on the next street. The home was two floors high and one block long!

I listen every morning to UK news on BBC, or Canadian news on CBC—or even US news; it’s a great way to stay in touch.

Later in February, a group of us are going to Guadalajara for a meal at a fancy restaurant and a concert of Queen.

Hopefully, in my next blog I will have some dates for travel. My wish is to travel to Canada, the UK, Majorca, Barcelona…and even India.

Stay safe, and happy. 


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  1. Loved reading your update, Betty! Sounds like lots of wonderful things are keeping you busy. Merri and I want to go see the butterflies someday; will look forward to hearing about your experience there! We are going to Barra De Navidad next month and then maybe back to Ajijic. I have a book to give you next time we meet; it’s about a female nomad traveler; very inspiring…like you! Take care! Tony

  2. Good Morning,

    A request…at Namaste last year there was a Canadian woman who took a psychedelic/mushroom trip guided by a Shaman. She recently appeared in a group photo you included in your blog. If she has contact info could you ask her how to contact the Shaman as my own spiritual journey might be enhanced this way.

    I’m next forwarding from National Public Radio a message that sparked my interest and follows up on my recent psychic reading. I am hoping that these emails are well received as I don’t want to trouble you with unwanted info since we all get an overload of this stuff.


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  3. Hi Betty…. glad you are doing well… and to your friend Jack… Jack I do not believe in coincidences, as never have been told how many coincidences must happen before it is not a coincidences. Keep well my friend.

  4. Hi, there is no slowing you down.

    I am in a similar quandary, well since I saw a medium a week ago maybe not so much. Same questions: When do I leave, where is home base, do I leave or do I stay? Through vibrations (mine, his, my guides, or ?) the message was clear – “south of the border – Mexico”. He picked up on my indecision, I never said a word. He hit on other aspects of my life in ways that no one could. His overall message: relax, time for decision making is months away but repetitive messages will point the way. He mentioned Monarch Butterflies but couldn’t associate their meaning other than to relate them to my Invisible wife who was holding one in her hand – makes me wonder
    If your trip and his reading are just coincidence or a repetitive message or my imagination at play. In any case, I’m just focusing on today.

    Be well and avoid the crowds,


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