This blog will be about many things.

I meet with my travel agent on Wednesday to discuss a ticket to UK and when that should happen. I am inclined to wait a couple of months. I hear at Heathrow Airport there is a 7-hour wait-time for customs…I certainly don’t want to face that.

I have tried to describe Namaste on this blog, and I am still getting questions, so I am including a video that was just done by the founder James Twyman; it shows Namaste very well. Click here to view.

Since I have been here I have lost a number of people. The latest is Dadi Gulzar, the Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris worldwide. She passed away in India at the age of 93, after a long illness. I remember the very first time I met Dadi Gulzar… she gave me a lovely smile and an apple.

Now this lady was very special and used to go into trance. I avoided meeting her at one of her trance meetings. I was scared of what might happen to me, so I would always leave just before the special meetings or appear just after; this went on for years. One time, no more excuses. I got up in front of 25,000 people and looked into Dadi’s eyes. They were like big pools; you could see right through them. The vibration was very strong…and when she took my hand, I was shaking. It was very powerful!!! To this day I can’t explain any of this, but just to say I didn’t imagine any of it.

The last time I saw Dadi I was waiting to travel and I was wearing my blue jeans – nothing white. I was asked if I wanted to have a short visit with Dadi. She was in a small room when I entered and being held up by two sisters, one on each arm. She was very fragile, but had the biggest smile on her face; such a look of peace and compassion. I will never forget her. She was one of the mysteries of India for me.

Namaste is getting busy with lots of comings and goings. It is summer here so quite hot, but not humid, so I am not complaining. Socially, there’s lots going on: visits to the hot springs and spa in the hills, movies, music, meals, and more.

I am waiting to see if my application is accepted to the Edinburgh Scotland Book Festival. That would be big deal for my book In Search of Spiritual Intelligence.

All for now!



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