I am still in Mexico…no where else to go. I think Mars would be easier to reach about now!

I have decided I would love to find a base here in Ajijic, and I have seen some lovely apartments. For the time being I will stay at Namaste and hope my ticket to the UK works in April. If not, I will stay longer. My ‘Mountain Top’ concept just may have possibilities here. We shall see as time passes.

I met with founder Jimmy Twyman of Namaste last week, and said I wouldn’t buy in. But if it worked I would take one of the hotel rooms—as I call them—and do a total reno: new paint, new window coverings, new furniture plus overhaul the bathroom somewhat. Jimmy has been very generous, so nothing is out of the picture at this point in time.

Namaste is called a Spiritual Community. We have retired people, younger musicians, artists, etc; it is very eclectic. I say a little bit hippy-dippy and a little bit suburban! I told him if I did redo the space, he would have a great guest room for use after I left this world or left Namaste!

Next week, I am going to Merida and the Yucatan with Andras, a friend from Sweden, for about 12 days. It will be very hot there. Merida is supposed to be an absolutely beautiful city. The President of Mexico is supposed to have Covid now, but who knows. Availability of the vaccine is very slow here.

That’s all for now.
Stay safe everyone!



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  1. What an experience. But every day, no matter where we are, is an experience. If wrchoose to make it so

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