Here it is, the first of January, 2021, with no idea what the world will look like this year. As I have said, I am in Mexico until April 6. I have a ticket on that date back to UK to check in with everyone and my luggage. By then, I should have settled if I am staying in Mexico or not!

Holidays are fun here: lots of music and food. Sometimes the music is played all night. And, of course, there are fireworks.

Will be visiting my friend Barbara from California who is staying in San Miguel, which is apparently a beautiful historical city in Mexico. I will be travelling by luxury bus, which means, my own single seat, my own TV, and food for four hours. Should be fun trip for 7 days.

I did my goals today; what I want to accomplish this year. A trip to India for book launch, work on selling my book, and deciding on more travel or not.

Wishing everyone the best 2021 possible, with us all getting the vaccine.
More pictures.

Stay well and safe,


3 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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  1. Many many new year wishes to you Betty … all is well in this end of the woods.

    I have been feeding the birds that come to my balcony – 35-50 birds daily are visiting … hummers, woodpeckers, sparrows, nut hatches, finches, 1 dove, 2 pigeons, 3 squirrels … small birds is the aim so has been a learning curve but also, it is fantastic experience.

    Has been going on for over a year now so they are getting used to me. Sometimes accidents happen due to the glass window which reflects back to them – so they think that they are moving forward and then crash. No one has yet figured out how to stop them from doing this … birds in cities often die to going into building windows so for me, I help them if I can – some have recovered.

    This is a wonderful hobby.

    Be well wherever you are Betty

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