I am still here and really enjoying; maybe I have found my mountain top. Taking my time so I can be sure! On Sunday I will go to a Silence Retreat to journal and figure out what makes sense for me….such as: how much travelling do I still want to do, and if so, to where?? I certainly still want to go back to India. How often—not sure.

The other day we took a taxi to Guadalajara, which has a population of 8 million. All was very quiet. None of the sites were open. Covid is very serious in Mexico. A gentleman who owned the bakery at the end of the street passed away and my driver is in the hospital! That one hit very close to home; the last time I was with him was November 20th, so risk has passed. I tried to get Covid test, but it would take so long to get results there was no point. We have all ages at Namaste. James the founder does a session for about 30 minutes every morning after breakfast, on life topics. It is also available on Zoom. He has quite the following. We have movies, live concerts where bands pay for tip money, spiritual sessions—all in all, a lot. Restaurants are just fantastic here. It is like living in a little oasis, being at Namaste and in Ajijic. I don’t think there is another place like it.


While here, on December 5, my friend Eric (a journalist from Montreal) did an excellent interview regarding the book, which aired live on Zoom and concluded with a meditation guiding each to explore the relevance of spiritual intelligence. It is now available on Youtube (click here). I enjoyed the interview, but wrinkles really showed up…big time! I asked Eric if he could airbrush them. He just laughed.

Kidding aside, the interview did highlight the need for inner wisdom in these unique times. If you want to acquire the In Search of Spiritual Intelligence for yourself, or as a gift for another, it is available through Amazon and Kobo.

Enjoy the pictures!


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