Mauritius to Spain

Just spent a wonderful month in Mauritius, one of the most beautiful places in the world; the sea, the beaches, the gentle people, and for me it just doesn’t feel like part of Africa at all.
Many 5 star resorts with tourists from all over the world!

The BK’s have a major presence and are very well respected on the island, I never know whether to call Mauritius an island or country, I believe it is both.

My book is coming along very well and has to be delivered to the Publisher by the end of December, it will happen! The Publisher also wants to republish my first book “MY WAY”, so I am just thrilled to have 2 books published world wide in the next few months.
But I am crossed eyed reading and editing so many chapters.

I am in Mallorca for the month of December. I was here 5 years ago, it is lovely, the creativity here is just amazing, plus people are very supportive of one another and have made a life choice to settle here for the quality of life not the money.

More later !!

Beautiful Mauritius!
Good friend Marie-Lise


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