Well, I arrived at Bournemouth hospital in the UK very apprehensive about my upcoming hand surgery. The last time I had any type of surgery was in Toronto 35 years ago.

I have something that is called Dupuytrens Release. My little finger on my right hand has been very crooked for 3 years. I couldn’t straighten it and my next finger was starting to be affected, the tendons were shot, so I thought I should try and get it fixed.

I had discussed it with my Doctor in Toronto a couple of years ago and was told it wasn’t covered by OHIP, and it would cost $8,000 to do. I decided to live with a crooked finger.

I was visiting a Doctor in Cambridge a few months ago, he looked at my finger and asked what was wrong? When I told him, he said “We can fix that!!”

So, here I am with anesthesiologist discussing why I need to be put right under. I am requesting a local after he describes to me, they must drain all the blood from my arm and cuff it very tightly. I give in. (sounds like a Frankenstein procedure to me).

I have had the surgery. I can’t fly for 6 weeks, have cast on right hand and am learning to use my left hand, (tough going), but feeling good. I won’t have any idea if surgery has worked or not, until I can see my fingers.

I really appreciate all the messages I have received from my friends from both sides of the pond.


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  1. So how are you doing now? Is your hand healing well? I do hope so! All is well here thank God; we have some snow, but not a lot, so we are quite relaxed! Take care and lets stay in touch! Love as always Prue


  2. Thinking of you and praying for you! Hope that when you get to see your hand that you are happy and comfortable with it! All well here, thank God, just relaxing and hoping that the snow is done for a while! We are at home and are not booked to go anywhere at this point; we might change that! Please stay in touch and keep me informed about your progress with your hand. Love Prue >

  3. Wishing you a quick recovery and happy holiday season! How did you type that email? Anyway you are lucky to not have had surgery for 35 yrs! Hugs, Christine and Richard

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  4. Hi Betty I have been thinking of you and praying for you and am so pleased to receive your note as I have been concerned for you. I hope that the surgery has straightened out your finger and that you can use it properly again and will not have any repeat. I hope that you will be able to enjoy the season and be able to socialize and have fun without hurting your hand. All is well here, thank God, and we are trying to get organized for Christmas, but I am not doing as much as I used to do, I am aging a bit! Take care and enjoy the season and hopefully we can get together before too long, meantime love as always Prue >

  5. Hope you are continuing to improve and the surgery was successful.
    Sending lots of love from Scotland.
    Heather and Nigel xxx

  6. Merry Christmas Betty and best wishes for your hand becoming functional once again – you will meanwhile be able to write with your left hand quite well by the time that cast is removed … you are in my thoughts for a speedy recovery.

  7. Hope all works out Betty. Mother of a close friend developed same on all digits and nothing done in Canada to resolve. She is literally imobile , sadly with her hands.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.


  8. Merry Christmas, Betty! Having surgery over the holidays may seem counterproductive to the season, but when the cast is taken off, Christmas 2018 will suddenly become one of the most memorable ones you ever experienced. God bless the NHS, and I am sorry that Canada didn’t rise to the occasion first.

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