Life in the UK!

Back in Dorset, my surgery is booked for December 18th. I am a little nervous about this, I just don’t know what to expect!

My trip to Barcelona was fun. I stayed with the BK’s in their beautiful 17th century home in the centre of town. I held a book interview with Sister Marta. A very solid and committed young woman.

I also met with my great friends from Newfoundland, Denise and Peggy for lunch. They are on a cruise and stopped in the city for the day.

It looks like I will be spending extensive time on the rock this summer, which I really missed doing last year. I will be going on a trip in the summer to the northern part of the island with friends, where apparently, I am staying in soldier’s barracks, just like they did in past times with one bathroom for 12 people. (Not sure if they had a bathroom)

I told my friend, that we should take a number, just like a supermarket.

Next is my trip to Venice in a couple of weeks. I hope the city is no longer flooded. I have added a trip to Brussels on the Euro Star train which only takes 2 hours to Brussels from London.

I will be going to Norwich with my friend Jenny to go vintage and Christmas shopping. Then a visit to Cambridge to visit Paul and Cambridge friends, all of this before my surgery.

I may go back to India in February. I have a wonderful offer where to stay. It would be good to work on the book there.

Here, I am catching up with friends and of course my movies.


P.S For Meredith!

I want to dedicate the final Series of Netflix House of Cards to my best friend Meredith, who passed away last year far too young. We would chat, discuss politics, and laugh after we watched every episode. I miss her so very much!



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  1. Hi Betty I am wondering how you are doing; have you had your surgery? If so, has it gone well? I certainly hope so! All is well here, the weather is remarkably mild and winter has not really started yet! We do not have any trips planned as yet, but I expect that we will do soon. Meantime we can enjoy where we live, with the beautiful view out across the lake. Happy New Year and love as always Prue >

  2. Hi Betty I assume that you have now had the surgery and I hope all has gone well for you. Please let me know how you are doing when you are able to do so. Meantime know that you are in my heart and thoughts. Love as always Prue >

  3. You’re looking great Betty. Wish you all the best and hope to see you soon wherever it will be, Iceland or India or anywhere in the world.
    Love, Svanborg

  4. Hi Betty Thanks for this update and for letting me know what you are doing, where you are going and that you are working on your book! You are wonderful! I am becoming rather lazy, but enjoying life! All is well here and we do not have any travel plans right now, but will be making some in due course; meantime we can just relax and enjoy where we are! Love as always Prue >

  5. Thank you for looking after my dogs Mel and ruby I loved that you done that for me. Not being a dog girl. They seem to like you X

  6. Enjoy every moment of your trips.Your surgery will be successful,you know Supreme Surgeon is on your side,holding your hand.See you in February my dear friend and sisterLove from Mathilde

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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