Brilliant Summer!

On the south coast of England, I am having a fun summer. Full of travel, activities, and interviews for book.

Luton, where I was born, is not thought of as great city in the UK. I am being taken there in couple of weeks to see the hospital where I was born and also to visit the house where I lived as a child before going to Canada.

Below, the beauty of Dorset!



4 thoughts on “Brilliant Summer!

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  1. love our photos Betty, First I was a fan as you are an amazing women, now I call you a dear friend p xxxx

  2. Brilliant. That photo is now my claim to fame. Any luck/ideas on the round world voyage?

  3. So glad that you are enjoying Dorset! My father’s family came from that area and I loved visiting there a a child, but have not been for some years; hopefully I will go again before too long! Let me know when you are able to meet up and we will arrange a dinner date, meantime love as always Prue >

  4. Looking younger and younger in every picture! Gosh you and that pretty lady in the convertible look like you were going to be on an adventure! LOL… thanks for sharing.

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