Perea, Greece and Writing!

I am on the sea just outside of Thessaloniki in a village called Perea (as it is called ).

It is very quiet. I don’t think the tourist season has started yet and it reminds me of being in Nicaragua where I said, it was like watching paint dry. But, it is sunny and 24 every day, perfect for me.

My friends Anna and Velko have been lovely and supportive. They involve me in their life when it fits for both of us. They are wonderful parents and are very concerned about the well-being of their children. The children are polite and caring!

I also have to say, it is so sad what happened in Toronto. I started out my career at the North York Civic Centre (where this happened) when Mel Lastman was Mayor. The BBC is covering news every hour as well as  German and Russian TV. I have said for years the Mental health system in Ontario is second rate. The resources have been slim as long as I can remember. When I was dealing with my Mother’s illness, I ended up on the Board of Directors of a large Mental Health Hospital, as requested by the Minister of Health, and it was fight every year to acquire resources from the Government.

I also feel the dark side of the net is very difficult to detect and it deals and promotes how to be secretive. I was taken on it once and was absolutely terrified by what I saw and heard. I should also say as this world gets more complex, mental illness gets much more difficult to detect.

My job here is to write and work on my book…..the working title …In Search of Spiritual Intelligence…most of my time here has been arranging interviews with people all over the globe. I plan to do about 35 interviews over the next few months. I am taking it slowly and thinking my way through the maze of connecting and time zones.

Writing is a very isolated job and is all absorbing!  But I am very excited about the possibilities.

I am on my way to Christ Church Dorset in UK for the month of May. They will have a Movie House!!! EXCITING STUFF


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