Happy Holidays!!


Card 6

All the best for 2018,



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  1. Julkort= Christmas Card Pictures from our Life 2017. Baptising Toste Ragnars 8 grandchild, Elisabeths Brothers and sisters in Edinburgh, the path down to the sea develops, The boat Faster Rut is ’baptised`’, Ragnar and Emil in Reykjavik, the greenhouse and shed develops..

    All the best to You Elisabeth and Ragnar

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    Från: The Nomadic Intern Skickat: den 20 december 2017 14:11 Till: elisabeth.hesslefors@gmail.com Ämne: [New post] Happy Holidays!!

    Betty Steinhauer posted: “  All the best for 2018, Betty “

  2. Thanks Betty! Hope you are having a lovely Christmas as we are and will have a truly Happy New Year! Love as always Prue >

  3. Hi Betty: Your photos look great! Sounds like you are having a good time. We are here in Merida. It’s warm and Christmas is always fun in Mexico. I look forward to meeting up with you sometime later this year. Wishing you a wonderful Holiday and joyous abundance and health in 2018!
    Much love,

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