On the Atlantic!! (this is a journal as I traveled, as there was no internet on board)

We are finally on the Atlantic ocean. It isn’t dawn yet, it’s rough, can’t see a thing.
We are 5 passengers on board! 2 men, one is a pharmacist, the other is in finance from France, the other two are a couple from Hamburg Germany, both retired teachers. The pharmacist is a traveler. He just travels with a sleeping bag and knapsack, and takes 2 months every year to do this. The new Captain is a breath of fresh air, a different feeling on ship all together. We also have a different chef. He is very good. Just imagine top chefs on TV, pony tail, striped pants, (that’s him).
The Captain had a little Champagne party for Passengers. It was lovely! We chatted with officers. We also had a safety drill with our special suits. If we have to jump in water, they are bright yellow (with everything even feet built in), they will keep us afloat and warm for many hours and of course yellow to be seen!
The sea is very rough and the Captain doesn’t know if he will keep on this course or have to go south to come back up North for NY. So our arrival time is out big time. We were suppose to arrive on 2nd, but now it is the 3rd at least .
My day is breakfast, exercise, sometimes in the gym, walk around the ship, nearly one mile, emails, journal,
lunch, write new book in afternoon, which is going very well, dinner, maybe a movie, maybe Netflix that Mark downloaded for me. I am trying to write 2 to 3 hours a day, Oh, and a little time for the sun if it’s shining! My chair happens to have Charlie Brown characters all over it.(cute)  We are REALLY rocking and rolling on the North Atlantic!
It is very interesting on board to see all the radar screens, weather, location, depth of ocean etc, storms are just stuck in the ocean, it seems!!
Hope to be taken to engine room soon! Last night was very rough, 50 mile an hour winds and waves 6 meters high lots of rolling around. The Captain says we are through the first bad patch, we have 2 to go.  One of the things I have learnt:
hurricanes, cyclones, tycoons are all the same, just called different names in different parts of the world. The Captain has said he will give decision on arrival in NY on Saturday‎. The Captain is a Leonard Cohen fan, he discovered a workshop I attended on my blog.  Crew members have a number of guitars on board, so music is played. One thing I am missing on board is short wave radio, that would be a asset. We have hit another storm with high winds and rain. The stars are spectacular; seem to be right on top of you. It reminds of me trek many years ago in Peru, with the guide that used to read the stars every night.

The Captain just told us we are hitting big storm tonight with 7 meter waves! (which is 21 feet) And to lash everything down (which is nautical term for) tie it all down.
Apparently the cruise ships have wings for bad weather; we don’t.
We just had a tour of the Engine Room that turned out to be at least 3 floors of pipes, tubes and machines. It alone is worth the price of admission. The chief engineer said when they are at the Red Sea it can get as hot as 55 degrees in those rooms.
The morning has arrived and we are fine. It should be a very rough day, but we are safe.  This Captain and Crew, I cant say enough good things!!
I just asked the Captain at breakfast when is the ship is in danger. He said anytime. For example, if an engine broke down! We are skirting around 2 hurricanes, Maria And Lee,and we even had sunshine, part of the time.
(I wanted adventure!!!)
Two days before arrival and we seem to be through the storms and we are traveling at good speed. Captain has invited us to his table for lunch, so the pressure seems to be off the crew and the thinking about packing has started!  I am told customs can take up to 4 hours in US. We are all taken for interview. (no fun)
Well, the Captain,was surprised, he just told us we have one more storm that is number 5.  A smaller one, but still very high waves, it sounds as is we are just pounding through the waves!
Last day on board, lots to do! Carlo, my producer and screen play writer for My Way is meeting me at the ship.I hope to have time for a nice lunch before I fly to Toronto.
Enjoy the photos!!!


I have gained  total respect for the sea and the men and women who work on it. It is very difficult and you are at the whim of nature‎! The Captain and his crew are very well trained think they attend school for 7 Years .(a very special breed).



3 thoughts on “On the Atlantic!! (this is a journal as I traveled, as there was no internet on board)

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  1. Thanks for this one Betty and for the excellent pictures. It looks quite the trip! Love as always, Prue >

  2. Wow wow wow. No doubt being in this type of environment you will have less distractions. Perhaps easier to write this way? What a great way to travel. Hoping your customs was not too painful. Glad the waves did not get to you. Keep well dear traveler!

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