I attended the 3rd Spirit of Humanity Forum in Reykjavik Iceland. Iceland is just so beautiful in its starkness. People are very strong, very human, approachable, artistic and resourceful. The only down side for visitors are the costs. It is extremely expensive. However, the tourists are coming in droves, and are now coming year round, not just during the summer. Dinner for 3, with just one glass of wine for one person, in Tapas restaurant was about 270 Canadian, or 153 pounds. Fish and chips and one glass of wine was 33 Pounds, or 58 Canadian. Iceland has population of around 332,000 people. It is the most sparsely population country in Europe. Mountains, Lava fields, Glaciers and the Sea make up magnificent scenery.

A friend of mine visited Iceland last year and told me she ate at Subway because the cost of food was just out of sight. Don’t miss this amazing country, but be aware take money!
I was invited to stay with friend Ottarr and his lovely wife Svanborg‎ in their beautiful flat right in the centre of city! Ottaar has been one of the driving forces behind the involvement of the city of Reykjavik in the forum from the very beginning. He is now the Minister of Health as well as a Musician and Filmmaker. He is one of the most caring and thoughtful politicians I have ever met. His wife is a book buyer and I feel I have new friend.

My hosts Ottarr and Svanborg‎
My hosts Ottarr and Svanborg!

The Forum entitled Caring for a World in Transition brought together about 150 people from all walks of life. It was very simulating as usual, and I meet old friends and new!!
My friend Svanhilder has taken over the beautiful Harpa Centre in Reykavik as CEO. She will do an amazing job. She is a very bright woman. We have a tradition of meeting wherever we are in the world for wine.

Ceiling at Harpa Centre ( concert hall)
Ceiling at Harpa Centre (Concert Hall)

The President of Iceland, (very sincere person) is married to a Canadian who runs a Literary Festival in Iceland.

Canadian Embassy
The Canadian Embassy

My hope for Spirit of Humanity is that it will continue to spread its message throughout the world with Iceland as its base and heart home!!

I am back in UK and it is a bank holiday. I rode my bike about 4 miles to the pub, where I am writing this and enjoying lunch. There are 2 dogs at the next table and they are very well behaved, (only in UK)!!


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  1. I’ve been there twice and was struck by the beautiful sweaters that are made there, although-to your point-shopping can get very expensive. Iceland also produces a lot of film.., and I’ve been fortunate to see a few of them…they are extremely “arthouse” in style. It is also, I am told, the only country in the world that consumes more cannibis per capita than Canada and the Icelandic movies I saw had lots of people smoking pot in them…I suspect that it helps many of them cope with the severe lack of light in the winter. My personal favorite was my visits to the hotsprings…really an exhilarating experience, and I hope you got to try them out while you were there.

  2. Sounds like an excellent trip and good reason for the gathering! Hope we can get together soon and hear more about it, meantime love as always

  3. Betty:
    Your Icelandic adventure sounds amazing! I really want to go there, not sure when. Glad your conference went well and that you made some new friends. How is country living? I like riding the bike 4 miles to the pub. Good fun and good exercise!
    Let’s talk soon. Sending Love,

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