Comments – Terror Attack, Weather, Pub Culture, Country Squire!

The whole world was saddened by the terror attack in London last week. I had to go into London the next day to visit Canada House which is located in Trafalgar Square, in the heart of London and very close to the attack. City was very quiet, lots of people, lots of police, lots of security, but they were just there, not showy, not pushy! I would just use the words very respectful, on all sides. It reminded me of being in New York 3 weeks after 9-11, people were kinder, smiling and helpful. British people are wonderfully tough when the going gets rough, they have what I would call; resolve.

I am always asked, “how are you coping with the weather?” I haven’t found it terrible at all. When it rains,  it’s usually for a short amount of time and certainly not the cold of Canada. And sometimes we even see the sun!!

‎One of the best things here is the Pub culture ‎. My local pub is called ‘The Old Spring’, very upscale, excellent food and if you pop in for coffee, or even a glass of water, there’s always a  welcome. Plus a very diverse group of regulars from every walk of life, even if I just go in once a week (nice greeting).

In the last blog I mentioned meeting a gentleman at the airport. Well he turned out to be what I would call a Country Squire. He has a magnificent house with 25 acres, outside of South Hampton, where he has racehorses and jumpers with all the bells and whistles, see pictures below!!


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  1. This is a good report about London and hospitality. I hope you were well entertained by the Country Squire, that sounds perfect! All well here. Love as always Prue >

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