January News!

January has been very‎ busy, I am spending 2 weeks in Toronto. I will be visiting an old friend Eric in Montreal, before heading back to the UK next week. I must admit, I miss the UK (strange but true).

So, here goes with the activities;‎

I saw my kids and my 4 grandkids, it is such a pleasure to watch the grandkids grow up‎!

Attended a celebration for the passing of Karl Kinzinger, he wanted a party instead of a funeral!. Karl was a true friend and acted as a Board member for my charity ‘People Bridge’ for 11 years (a very wise and thoughtful man).‎

Caught up with various old friends such as Jeffrey Smyth, he always treats me to The National Club for lunch‎. My other friends Gordon and Mickey treated me to brunch at The Mill in Cambridge, a town in Ontario.

It was lovely to catch up with my Toronto family and home, where a room is kept for me with my old bedroom furniture, for whenever I arrive. The house has the most unusual Christmas tree, it is upside down! Not only did my friends move me in 3 years ago, they always move my storage boxes around. I really enjoy seeing some of my old possessions in their home.


Caught up with the Toronto BK family, my spiritual home!‎

I tackled throwing and giving more boxes of stuff away, that was in storage!‎

Received news that the screenplay was completed for my book ‘My Way’‎ by a young screenwriter in New York. I feel Carlo did a very good job (it is a page turner), so we will see what happens. It now has to be shopped around, as they say in the business,  and sold! We shall see what happens next, it’s very exciting.

One observation about Toronto’s public transport, the subway needs a lot of money and upgrading! It is so far behind other world class cities, such as in Europe. I am now used to the tube in London, which is brilliant, not cheap, but very effective.Toronto is trying to keep cars off the road, but the problem is there is no place to leave the car if you want to take the subway. Parking lots are all full by 7am!

I also bought items such as underwear, which is so expensive in UK and of course cashmere sweaters, which I love and are much cheaper in Canada!‎

Back to UK now, but will return to Canada beginning of March for my grandson, Dawson’s Bar Mitzvah. It is a very special time for a Young Jewish Man of 13!

President Trump, I think, is making the whole world nervous, I feel he has such a large ego! He may do a decent job, because he has to win, as long as people around him can keep him in control to some extent.

Of course I am trying to find time to catch up with any movies I have missed in UK. and I recently watched a documentary on the late Leonard Cohen (very special), it brought out the tears! ‎

Just heard the Academy Award nominations, I just don’t understand ‘La La Land’ achieving so many! For me I was bored!!

Final observation

I have noticed, a significant number of people that are ill, depressed or just not dealing well with life. Maybe it is just an age thing on my part!


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