Life and Thoughts!!

Well, it has been quite the last two weeks! For an old political junkie like me, there was so much going on!

To leave or remain in EU, it was a very difficult vote, cities voted to stay, villages voted to leave, young people voted to stay, older people to leave. Immigration is being blamed and racism has raised its ugly head (which is very sad). Other thoughts are, the poor voted to leave, and the rich and educated voted to stay, not sure I agree with that. I attended a debate for the German Society at the University, they are all very well educated, they took straw vote at the debate and the result was to leave. I personally think something will get negotiated, so it will not be 100 percent the exit from EU, but time will tell and it will get dragged out. Theresa May looks like she will be the next PM, she reminds people of Margaret Thatcher!

The latest is report on the Iraq war and the involvement of the former PM, Tony Blair, he is really being blamed for taking the UK to war unnecessarily, my take is he has a very large ego and just wanted to look good, and be a big man with America, so he would just follow George Bush and do whatever he wanted!

My busy life continues here, I spent a lovely weekend with a group of Canadians BK’s from Halifax, at Oxford. I am currently visiting my friends in Kings Lynn this weekend, and on Monday I will be attending a day conference with the former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. On Wednesday I leave for 10 days in Sweden to stay with Ragnar and Elizabeth, friends I met through the Spirit of Humanity, at their lovely new home on the sea. Ragnar formally represented Sweden as an Ambassador!

On a sad note, my next-door neighbour of 10 years from the ninety’s in Toronto and friend, Anthony lost his Mom last week; I think she was 92. I have two memories I will share about Claudie, the first is when I was staying at her home years ago in the UK, within 10 minutes of my arrival, she had me in rubber boots going for very brisk walk‎ in the countryside, but my favourite memory is when I took her to a Blue Jays game in Toronto, she wore lovely long skirt and a big hat, she was very dressed up for a baseball game. She was a lovely, gracious lady! Claudie, Rest in Peace!!! Anthony now lives in Oxford, so I will attend the funeral in the next few days.

I also attended student’s graduation which was great fun and I felt very honoured to be invited and in the room.

It has been quite an adventure getting a Visa for the Democratic Republic of Congo, (for my visit in September) it is still not completed, so we shall see.‎

I have been here nearly 3 months; this was excellent decision to be in Cambridge!

I haven’t even gotten around to thinking about another book, but I joined the Cambridge University Library, it was quite a process to get a membership, they are very cautious, but to have access to this building is a WOW!!

So, everyone enjoy your summer, not sure you get summer in UK!!

Extra Pictures:

With my landlady Sarah, in front of a beautiful 16th century church!
With my landlady Sarah, in front of a beautiful 16th century church!
Sarah and Theodore, he is helping me with my paperwork for the Congo!
Sarah and Theodore, he is helping me with my paperwork for the Congo!
Believe or not, hailstones from my window!!
Believe or not, hailstones from my window!!

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  1. Hi Betty Lovely to hear from you and it sounds as though you are having a really good time! I realize that you are just leaving to go to Sweden, so hope you get this note first. How long will you be in England? Bruce and I are coming over on September 26th and stay at Heathrow overnight. We then have three free days before we have to be in London for the AGM and meetings of the Compass Rose Society with the Archbishop of Canterbury. After the meetings, we are booked to go and visit family until we fly home on October 12th. So my question is, would you like to get together with us somewhere from, or between, September 27th to 29th? Look forward to hearing from you, meantime love as always Prue

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  2. Wow! Betty- Quite an adventure…Things sound good for you. Very stimulating and exciting. You made the right decision to go to Cambridge! Enjoy your summer, you vagabond! Keep writing! Love to hear your stories. Barbara

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