Second visit to Penang!

I got very cheap ticket to Penang from Bali on Air Asia and decided to visit for a few days. I stayed at The Munti Mews hotel,

Munti Mews hotel in Penang, where I stayed, beautiful!!
Munti Mews hotel in Penang, where I stayed, beautiful!!

a boutique hotel in a historical home, recommended by my friend Keith. Keith was the person who had first sold the idea of visiting Penang to me, (Keith is a writer, speaker and now a publisher) and so over a year ago I spent one month there.

It was a place I left saying I would be back, and I felt very seldom saying that!

My whirlwind visit started with my friend, Soo Fun,

At very special dinner in Penang!!
At very special dinner in Penang!!

Soo Fun, is what I call a true foodie, she loves food, knows it all and arranges many dinners for all events in Penang. She is a very gracious and good friend, at this dinner we were greeted by the owner who said “welcome to my home” and a special evening began with a Grandmother, a Mother and a wife, each taking turns with the cooking of certain dishes in a magnificent heritage home in the centre of Georgetown, the city has been declared Unesco World Heritage Site. Time continued with me seeing old friends, over many meals, and of course shopping at my favourite store Uniglo, one is coming to Toronto next year!

Why do I like Penang?

  • It is the mix of many cultures.
  • The prices are very good, excellent value for money.
  • There are people from all over the world that have decided to live full time or part time in Penang.
  • You could be busy every night of the week, events, dinners, and a very vibrant and lively city.‎
  • ‎People are just who they are, and it seems to me that you can make your own life in Penang and just BE.
  • The Weather is perfect, hot, but not too hot like Bali.
  • And the history is being preserved!‎

I was invited to a party and 2 couples were there from Canada, Vancouver and Calgary, I asked a question, “what were the negatives about living in Penang”, (there had to be downside) they both looked at me and said, “none”!!‎

So, we shall see, Cambridge is my next stop, for a year!‎

Extra Photos

On an Opionum bench!!
On an Opionum bench!!
Film shoot
Film shoot

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  1. I just do not know how you keep going! You are amazing! So glad you are enjoying your travels! All well here. Love Prue

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