Sarajevo, Bosnia

I just spent 4 days in Sarajevo and I am going to try and write about, what I saw, what people told me, and my own feelings.

I came here to meet up with my friend, Sandra, from Croatia, and spend time with the BK family! It has been quite intense, with lots of learning!

I will try to tell you about the war:

  • It lasted nearly 4 years; ended 1995
  • 100,000 people were killed; civilians, soldiers and children‎
  • Many rapes occurred ‎
  • Soldiers went to the playgrounds and schools to kill children‎
  • The UN said that they could stop the war but nothing happened
  • President Carter had role in trying to cease the war
  • Many buildings were destroyed
  • I can remember watching CNN and hearing the frustration of the reporters because nothing was getting any better.

If my facts are wrong, please send me corrections!‎

When the war ended many countries sent billions of dollars to aide but the people at the top took it and it never reached the citizens in the city and country. It is extremely corrupt here and if you want anything done, you have to play the “corruption game”, even within the medical community. There is close to 50 percent unemployment and no social programs that are real and give services. City is combination of brand new rebuilt, glass buildings, and buildings that are rubble. I am told that the Politicians own all of the expensive Hotels and Restaurants, and believe me they give as few services as possible! I was very lucky where I stayed; a small family owned hotel called The MOD, (thanks Marina)! It was Very clean, a lovely room, a nice owner and everything worked!!! Much better than the Hotel Europe; a 5 star hotel in town.

From what I understand‎ 3 Presidents from 3 major parties run the country for 4 years, rotating power every 8 months (no wonder nothing happens), and there are 14 Political Parties. Many people are leaving the country and moving to Germany, where the jobs are.

When Hitler was collecting Jewish artifacts, he sent his soldiers here to try and get a very valuable Haggadic book, which came from Barcelona in 1350, and is insured for 7 million dollars, which, I am told, was the only one showing the world as round, and a Muslim security guard told Hitler’s people it was already stolen.

It is now in the National Museum, there used to be very large Jewish population here!

People here are very proud and tough, they don’t smile a lot. They just want peace and to create the very best life they can, in very difficult situations. Also, I felt sadness within the people.

I just felt the utmost respect, for what I saw, and what I heard! I met a lady who was running a lounge in the airport, which was very minimal, she told me that people here live their life in a bubble, sometimes as she called it “make believe”!!

I also had a young, law student, who took me on a walking tour and talked my ear off, which was great!

I also feel very fortunate to have been here and, met the people I did!! And I have feeling it will take me some time to process my experience in Sarajevo!

A couple of pictures from the trip:

Market where the last killing happened with one shell that killed 60 people!
Market where the last killing happened with one shell that killed 60 people!
To Represent the blood of the people that died!
To Represent the blood of the people that died!

P.S. The work that the BK’S are doing in this city is very important, such as courses on positive thinking. Believe it not, there are many men in attendance, which is unusual!


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  1. Thank you Betty for your writing, I am sure its a place people don’t think about very often. food for thought X

  2. I read this and wonder how I would do in such a situation … what we do to each other at times is outrageous yet to be forgiven somehow as these are all of our family. It must feel like “make believe” in order to get through each day. When such chaos exists what else would anyone want but peace, the key ingredient to survival. Take care and be safe, Joanne

  3. Hi Betty Thanks for the note; it sounds quite the trip. We leave Friday for England and see you there I hope for dinner. Love as always Prue

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