Paris, Comedy Of Errors!!

Paris tested my Nomadic Lifestyle to the max!!

I had met a lady in India last year she was from Paris and we agreed to meet up and spend some time together. So trusty me makes arrangements to stay at her sister’s apartment (paying rent), and it all sounded fine.

We were arranged to leave London together but the evening before we were supposed to leave, I received email from her after 10pm. Everything had changed, in terms of transportation to train etc. So I arrange for a driver, because I can’t travel in metro-tube with my crazy luggage! She was not happy with me, but since we were leaving early to catch train next morning for Paris I had to arrange car night before.

We meet at train station and she gets angry, telling me that I shouldn’t have done this and that, I kept my cool, plus she decided I shouldn’t stay with her sister because I was too strong willed. She suggested that I stay at one of her friend’s flats; they were away. The pictures looked lovely, and the price was higher, but not bad!

I arrived at flat to find elevator not working yet, so 5 flights of walking up, 100 stairs to be exact, (not fun with luggage). It was brutal!!

The flat was lovely, very pretty (but no TV or radio).

She got angry again and this time I lost it with her, she left and here I am somewhere in Paris, without directions, full address etc. (I not happy), so I went down the 100 stairs to the shops below and told them my problem, they spoke French, I English, but we managed and they were very helpful!

Now the owner of flat is in Algiers and I wrote to her and told her the situation, she turned out to be friends with Thierry (Talent for Humanity) who I went to see in Brussels this week (small world).

I decided to invite my friend Manuela from Majorcia for few days, she got a cheap flight and got was there very fast, it gave her opportunity to check out agents in Paris for her modeling!

Paris has never been favourite city of mine, but I must say the people on street were very helpful, but service personnel, were just awful!!!

On May 1st all of Museums, and shopping centres were closed, even the French said they couldn’t find anything to do! So I found movie theatre with, believe or not, 22 screens, most of them in English, and it was packed!!

I took a train to Brussels for a day; I got there in 1 hour and 20 minutes, great fast train! I spent the day with Thierry and his wife Kathy from Canada (lovely people). I also met Sydney from Toronto, he helps people understand their relationship to money, and so I had a very busy day!

I had to find out where I would leave the key and rent money for the flat, I asked owner if I could key leave with any neighbours, and she said “no”. I was later told that it was because there were some issue over payment for new elevator!

So, the BK’s came to the rescue again!!!! The coordinator for France came on motorcycle to the flat early in the morning to help with my luggage (down the 100 stairs) and take the key, which is just wonderful!

I’m off to Oxford for 3 days, and will be back to Canada on 11th.

I’m sorry, but here’s a little bit more on Eurostar, I had booked assistance with luggage, but I arrived to be told they stopped that in Paris! A woman was in wheelchair in front of me and she was trying to go down ramp to get a train, but no one would help her, so with my luggage I got her down to level where train was! The train staff does not assist with getting your luggage up train steps, the guy just looked at me and said, “It is your luggage lady”.

It is unbelievable, however people will just say “that is Paris,” but enough is enough!!! When I get back to Canada, I am calling the French Ambassador’s office in Ottawa; it will make me feel better!

About Betty Steinhauer

Betty Steinhauer was born in England and raised in Toronto, Canada. Even as a young mother, Betty was active in the community sitting on a number of boards and lending her expertise to various public organizations. In 1983, she founded Betty Steinhauer & Associates Ltd. a consulting firm where, for twenty-five years, she used her unique abilities to act as a catalyst, facilitator and advisor to both the private and public sectors, in forging relationships between organizations and/or individuals for mutually advantageous outcomes. For many years, Betty travelled widely in out-of-the-way areas of the world. As she travelled, the idea for The People Bridge Charitable Foundation was formed. The People Bridge was registered as a Canadian charity in 1997. The mandate of the Foundation was to facilitate important changes in the lives of ordinary people through small-scale charitable projects. Betty has now retired the Foundation that, during its lifetime, undertook over 100 projects worldwide, mostly in conjunction with organizations already working in the target area. Betty’s experience and expertise in business, along with the advice and assistance she receives from colleagues around the globe, give her a unique ability to spot the need and understand how it can be met. Betty has the unusual combination of an entrepreneur’s abilities and an intrinsic understanding of people. Betty has visited India seventeen times in the past twenty years to pursue her spiritual journey. She has frequently been a guest of the Brahma Kumaris and the World Spiritual University to study meditation and further her own spiritual life. Betty is currently active with the Steering Committee of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is an annual Forum that, it is felt, will become to the spiritual world what the Davos Forum is to the financial world. Betty makes her home in Toronto, and has published her memoir “My Way”. She began her Nomadic Internship in the summer of 2013.
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3 Responses to Paris, Comedy Of Errors!!

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  2. Julia says:

    Wow! What a crazy story I just read about you in Paris! I’m glad you finished with that trip safely.
    It is now very hot in Arizona. Ron & I were in San Diego by the ocean last weekend. It was wonderful!
    Love Julia

  3. Prue Chambers says:

    Hi Betty What an experience for you! Take care and hope to see you again before long. We are in Texas visiting my baby sister! Love Prue

    Sent from my iPad


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