Back in the Cold!!

I have been back in Toronto for 3 weeks now and it is nice to catch up with my grandkids,

Granddaughter Megan's Bat Mitvah
Granddaughter Megan’s Bat Mitvah 


Back in Toronto, dinner with friend Gordon, at Barbarians!
Back in Toronto, dinner with friend Gordon, at Barbarians! 

family and adopted family!

Kessel, very old friend, accompanied me to Megan's celebration!
Kessel, very old friend, accompanied me to Megan’s celebration! 

People ask me where my home is, well, my only answer is I have no idea!! I have traveled so much, that I just make home wherever I am, and as I have said before I don’t even notice color or race, PEOPLE are PEOPLE!!

I just love the adventure of it all, except for the fact that the suitcase that I sent back to Canada from Tasmania hasn’t arrived yet!!!

What and where next? I’m not sure. It has been suggested that I travel across Canada and USA to do number of talks, and the topics would include: my nomadic life, MY Way (my book), how to achieve happiness, differences between men and woman in business, and/or dealing with adversity in life.

I also want to continue exploring Betty’s Mountain Top. I have found a location in Costa Rica, which is owned by Doctor from Washington DC. It could work!

I will travel to India in November to visit Dadi Janki, the head of the BK’s and a very special person in and to my life. Dadi is 100 years old this year.

I will make decision about 2015 over the next couple of weeks

Keep you posted!

Enjoy the spring!!


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  1. Thanks Betty; great pictures! AS you decide on your next path to follow in life’s journey, I look forward to hearing more. Your suggested path giving talks while crossing Canada sounds great! Love Prue

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