You Asked for Pictures!!

Here they are!! I have a couple of comments upon leaving Yagon, Mynamar.

I have flown many strange airlines over the years, but Malaysia airlines, I would never fly again. The flight attendants are rude, they don’t care, they are asleep on the job, there were cancelled flights, everything was all over the place, and the pilots have no idea how to land a plane (like cowboys), all in all very scary experience. I had to find the airport manager in Yagon today, and thankfully he understood and I was escorted, but it still took an hour to check in… But, if you get chance to visit this amazing country, don’t miss it, just fly with another airline!! And take lots of crisp US bills.

As I write this, it is 3am in Dubai, I am waiting for the plane to India.

A few hours later: I have just arrived in India and Sister Helen in Penang was right, it is one of my “Heart Homes!!!”

P.S. A very big thank you to the BK family in Yagon, they arranged all my travel in Mynamar, without them impossible!!! (Very special family)

Here are the pictures:



3 thoughts on “You Asked for Pictures!!

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  1. Hi Betty Thanks for the pictures and the note. Sorry to learn about Malaysia airlines, but we won’t use them after your report! Take care and please keep letting us know how you are doing; meantime thanks and love; all well here! Prue

  2. isn’t that the airline that has had a some airplanes mysteriously crash and disappear? SO HAPPY you will not be flying with them again!

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