Back in Canada!

I arrived back in Canada nearly 2 weeks ago and went right out to vote in Ontario Election. Getting out of Greece cost me 2 overweight bags with Air Canada, I have decided one of my goals in life is to only travel with one bag (not sure that is possible!) The flight was interesting, lady beside me had married into the Greek Orthodox faith, she was from California and her  6 foot 7 son had just received Masters degree from Berkeley and promptly converted to the Muslim Faith, they were having some difficulty with this, apparently he is quite the scholar, and was being courted by the senior Muslim scholars in Jordan.

Seeing my Grandkids and catching up with Birthday’s I missed, and seeing the changes in them is awesome!

Dawson , my grandson , doing Hip Hop!
Dawson , my grandson , doing Hip Hop!

It feels quite odd to be back and I am not sure, I belong in one country or another, maybe I have really become the title I gave myself, “The  Nomadic Intern”.  The family where I stay is quite wonderful and I must admit I love not having any responsibility! A  friend and I are on way to Trinidad and Tobago next week for wedding and since it is Indian wedding, I have to have 5 outfits, for 5 parties, this takes some planning and work, (I have been informed it will be very hot)  and as friend said today; I just love the adventure of it all, after Trinidad and Tobago, it’s off to Parry Sound, New York State and then Newfoundland, in August. I have decided that it doesn’t matter how I travel, whether by walking, by bus, by train, by car, by plane, or by boat, it is all about moving.

I am starting to plan September travel, but first I must catch up on summer sales and see friends. So everyone enjoy your summer!

I surely will be reporting all about my Trinidad adventures (I am told that there are going to be 3000 guests for this wedding, CAN YOU IMAGINE?) Don’t forget to send me your news!


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  1. We’ll be in Trinidad and Tobago next Feb, we are going around South America- 49 day cruise. You can let us know what to see there. Lots planned for summer too, it will really fly by I’m sure. Chris and Rich

  2. Hi Betty Thanks so much for the blog update! I can’t imagine getting ready for a wedding with 3000 people and five parties to attend, especially in the heat of summer! I hope you have a great time. We are trying to get orgainsed to get away next Friday for four weeks and then in August we are visiting a couple of friends at their cottages, as well as going for a couple of days to Stratford to the theatre and to Niagara on the Lake for wine and the theatre, so we won’t be home much until September and then we have to get organised to go to England for Compass Rose meetings and see family and then go to California probably for Thanksgiving, so we will be on the move almost as much as you! Take care and have fun and we will stay in touch; meantime love as always from us both Prue

  3. Hi Betty, ever thought of just thongs in different colours for the weddings, that could create the one suitcase agenda, but then again, not sure if the wedding guest would be extra excited seeing the colourful thongs
    be well

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