Athens, Quick initial observation’s!!

I don’t even know where to start, so much has happened and so many impressions!! (Feel like I have been here for year instead of week)

This city, so full of History, is very tough! Lots of stores are closed, the joy has left, that I remember, the infrastructure has crumbled, security is everywhere, even combination locks to use Bathrooms in Restaurants! I was told when I arrived, that places were very professional or just awful! How true! Prices are much cheaper than Spain; I can afford to shop here, especially shoes (so many shoe Shops).

Now, on to my flat, it is not in the best part of town, (very large African migration here) very easy to get in, from Nigeria etc, so I am told. This Community used to be Artistic area of Athens, but since crash many have moved out of Athens. The flat is very large and I rented from friend of the BK’s, I was told it had 2 bedrooms, but only one has bed, the other packed with owners things, it is furnished very nicely,, she says she has never lived here, 3 showers,, other appliances top of the line, dishwasher, with price tags Inside, I do get BBC news.

I am now working my way through issues, owners Husband showed up this morning to lecture me , he hadn’t met me before , lecture didn’t last long , I got into my fighting mode, he said since I wasn’t use to strange countries , and haven’t traveled, I should accept that things were different ( for those who know me , that was not right thing to say, or correct), the owner who I haven’t met yet , was screaming at me on phone about money, and how I should deposit rent in bank , that is just crazy , banks wouldn’t let me do that as a foreigner. Another adventure!! , when I started this nomadic internship I did want to understand culture!!!! I found good place for nails and good Laundry, so all is well! The owner has assistant that does half jobs, think he is oK guy, just doesn’t always get it.

I just found shop called Rocco, absolutely magnificent clothes, at fair prices designed here, have feeling I will buy before I leave! I went into department store today, 7 floors, felt like morgue stock was gone and what was left was 70 percent off. I asked salesperson what was happening, she had no idea! (Very sad).Non Smoking signs mean nothing, people pay no attention and they just go ahead and smoke everywhere. Pollution is bad. , they say 15 times the normal standard!! Have discount from supermarket laundry service, I told both they would have good customer for 2 months. More later!!!


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  1. We were in Athens a year ago and the only thing that we noticed were a couple of groups picketing at the University and city hall. We were on a bus tour though so you don’t get a feel for what’s going on like actually living there.

  2. Hi Betty Athens doesn’t sound much fun! Take care and enjoy as you are able! All is well here! Love Prue

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