Rome in all it’s glory, and other observations!

I flew into Rome for few days to meet friend Corinne, an artist from Tasmania. I had planned on being in Tasmania right about now but because of the “Spirit of Humanity Forum” in Iceland in April it just didn’t make sense travel and money wise.  

my favorite Rodin in little museum in Rome

I arrived in Rome and Corinne had been delayed in Venice. So I set off to find our Airbnb where we were staying. The  location was superb! Right in center of Rome. I wasn’t the person who made the booking, so our host got upset with me because she didn’t know who I was. When I asked her about heat, she wasn’t happy and said last person didn’t want heat so why do we? (Rome wasn’t warm) but I stuck to my guns and said heat please (this place wasn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination). Corinne arrived that evening which was great, just as I was eating risotto and drinking wine! The problem’s with place continued. There was no hot water just warm, the stove burners wouldn’t turn off and then the heat (I finally figured it out a day before we left) The landlord didn’t have any idea on how to set it, but enough of that.  

Rome is a magnificent walking city, lots of beautiful sites and we had opera ticket’s!!! The highlight for me was attending a session with the POPE. This man really impresses me and I hope he can live long enough (I think he is 76) to make necessary changes in Church. I also feel that he can make major contribution to the world. He is extremely humble and kind. I feel he really cares about the people not just Roman Catholic’s, which reminds me of  when I was in a church in Barcelona and Priest was giving confession behind full wall of Plexiglas. You could see all of him sitting there but not person he was talking too. it seemed a little strange to me.  

Friend from Tasmania Corinne standing in front of Vatican post office ( little tacky) mobile trailer in middle of St Peter’s Square

 My sense is wherever I go in Europe people are having a tough time financially. The atmosphere is a little harsh and feelings are bubbling just below the surface! Jobs are hard to find or have disappeared and people are not spending money. An example is in Palma, winter sales are a big deal, people line up for these sales, but not this year! The prices are very low e.g. I purchased a beautiful cashmere sweater for 31 euros, which was still cheap for me even though the euro costs me 1.55 Canadian. My housing costs here are very low for a suitable flat or I couldn’t afford to stay! The 4 star hotels are going for 80 Euro a night.  

The Government is saying things are getting much better but many more demonstrators are taking to the streets over a whole bunch of issues. I just heard yesterday that the Government is trying to pass a bill to stop Abortions. This evening I am going too a presentation on this issue with friend who has lived here for many years but is from California. 

Final thought, a  friend in Toronto made comment saying that most people only put good news on their blog, so that is why I put my other comments on. 


Send me news, I love to hear from everyone, and I hope winter is nearing an end in Canada! 


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