I am at the Windsor Hotel in Worthing, a seaside town in the south of the UK. I stayed at this hotel last year and loved this family-run hotel. I booked for one month, but may be staying longer if I can't get back to Canada. Canada at this point is not accepting the Chinese... Continue Reading →


Great news: I have just received negative results from my second COVID-19 more day of isolation. YIPPEE!! I have been isolating at friends' Martine and Alan's beautiful 15th-century restored home in the English Countryside, outside of Bedford. It's a large home with very lovely grounds, pond, lots of wildlife and nature. The weather has been... Continue Reading →


Well, here I am in the lounge at Charles de Gaulle Airport for 7 hours before I fly to London...I hope. When I arrived in Mexico City and went to KLM, I was supposed to transit in Amsterdam to London, but was told I had the wrong COVID-19 test. I would have to take another... Continue Reading →


It has been a crazy, busy month and continues to be so! Lots of comings and goings in Namaste. But I think the biggest news is that we are having a wedding here in May: a lovely, young Spanish woman Luna and Craig, a Canadian from Winnipeg. They have asked me to be part of... Continue Reading →


I was born in England. And when I was a little kid, people in England would send me books about the Royal Family. I would read them, loving the pictures, and have always followed the Royal Family through the years. They have had dysfunctional times like any family, but - after all - they were... Continue Reading →


I had the best birthday this year, hearing from friends all over the world through emails, messages, phone calls…just really special! And great meals! My new friend Pam, who I met in the vaccine line, took me out for a perfect dinner with sparklers and the works. I am very blessed; feeling gratitude. See pictures... Continue Reading →

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