Manuscript delivered to Publisher … “In Search of Spiritual Intelligence” !!!

I am now back in Cambridge UK, to deal with luggage, various appointments, and meeting with my Publisher to try and map out this year as much as possible regarding travel! I must admit this is all very exciting to have 2 books published in the space of a very few months; I have no... Continue Reading →

Ram Dass, May he R.I.P. passed away December 22, 2019 in Hawaii My first spiritual teacher!

Christmas in Mallorca Spain!

Christmas pictures from Mallorca, Spain! Back garden of the house where I am staying! Beautiful church! Golf course to the sea in Palma! My new friend! Christmas Eve, see the chicken behind the cat! New Canadian friend Kelly Truly international table, Canada, Swiss, Italian, USA, South African, and Spanish!! Yours truly! My wonderful 88 year... Continue Reading →

Mauritius to Spain

Just spent a wonderful month in Mauritius, one of the most beautiful places in the world; the sea, the beaches, the gentle people, and for me it just doesn't feel like part of Africa at all. Many 5 star resorts with tourists from all over the world! The BK's have a major presence and are... Continue Reading →

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