As per usual, very busy…but with the addition of packing to travel for six months. And moving. And my birthday!

I will be packing up and storing it all in my future apartment, which I hope to move to in October.

Things happen in a very strange way for me—and always at the right moment. I have this very lovely cleaning lady who dresses beautifully and also owns property. What she is doing cleaning houses, I have no idea. She says she enjoys. Well, she will have an apartment available in October, which is lovely. And I will have a friend as my neighbour…so again—very lucky!

As I said, l will leave on May 7th, and will be visiting many places and people. It has been two years since I have seen my grandkids, so I am very excited. I will be staying with friends who are very close to my family in many ways, and having their home as a base is perfect and very generous of them. In June, I will get on a plane to visit friends in Cold Lake, Alberta. Then on to Montreal to visit my dear friend Eric…and after that to Newfoundland for a week to check on my old friend Barb before I leave for the UK.

IN OTHER NEWS: I celebrated my 79th birthday; never thought I would reach this age! I had a lovely dinner with my besties here in Ajijic, and received many calls and email messages from around the world. My cell started to ring at 4:00am (which was India calling) and kept ringing all day. It was just brilliant to hear from everyone. Click here for short video, and see picture below!

So, next news will be from my traveling!


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