My cast is off my hand! I will have a couple of sessions of hand therapy, so, I am on the mend. I am very happy that this episode in my life is nearly over.

My intention was I may try and settle down in 2019, but I don’t see that happening.

On January 30th, I leave for Cambridge with luggage, which I will leave with my great friend Paul who is just so helpful with all my planning. Without Paul storing my 12 suitcases and what goes where, travels would be very difficult.

On February 2nd I leave for 2 months in India, to work on my book. I am staying in Mount Abu on the lake in a small restored hotel that my friend Geeta bought last year.

Geeta and her family own several businesses in town and have a very good reputation. They have offered me a tremendous price with meals, car, a driver and of course I will visit my BK friends, all is very close.

Early April, after changing luggage, I will head to Thessaloniki Greece to visit my wonderful friends Ana, Velko and their 2 beautiful children for 9 days.  I met them last year during my visit to Greece. After that I will head to Canada for 6 weeks, then Iceland for 5 days for a Spirit of Humanity Forum, from there Newfoundland for the summer with Peggy, Denise, Barb and Joyce. I really missed going to the rock, as it is called, last summer. It has a piece of my heart.

In September, I will be visiting The Azores, part of Portugal. I am told this is the place I really need to visit.

Who knows after that? I had a wonderful invite to Mauritius, which I just loved when I visited early in my Nomadic journey and Australia, which is just so far away.

But, all this aside the book is number one on the list and really needs completion in 2019, as all the 42 interviews are completed.

Happy New Year to all!


About Betty Steinhauer

Betty Steinhauer was born in England and raised in Toronto, Canada. Even as a young mother, Betty was active in the community sitting on a number of boards and lending her expertise to various public organizations. In 1983, she founded Betty Steinhauer & Associates Ltd. a consulting firm where, for twenty-five years, she used her unique abilities to act as a catalyst, facilitator and advisor to both the private and public sectors, in forging relationships between organizations and/or individuals for mutually advantageous outcomes. For many years, Betty travelled widely in out-of-the-way areas of the world. As she travelled, the idea for The People Bridge Charitable Foundation was formed. The People Bridge was registered as a Canadian charity in 1997. The mandate of the Foundation was to facilitate important changes in the lives of ordinary people through small-scale charitable projects. Betty has now retired the Foundation that, during its lifetime, undertook over 100 projects worldwide, mostly in conjunction with organizations already working in the target area. Betty’s experience and expertise in business, along with the advice and assistance she receives from colleagues around the globe, give her a unique ability to spot the need and understand how it can be met. Betty has the unusual combination of an entrepreneur’s abilities and an intrinsic understanding of people. Betty has visited India seventeen times in the past twenty years to pursue her spiritual journey. She has frequently been a guest of the Brahma Kumaris and the World Spiritual University to study meditation and further her own spiritual life. Betty is currently active with the Steering Committee of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is an annual Forum that, it is felt, will become to the spiritual world what the Davos Forum is to the financial world. Betty makes her home in Toronto, and has published her memoir “My Way”. She began her Nomadic Internship in the summer of 2013.
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3 Responses to 2019 TRAVELS

  1. bkjoanne says:

    The very very best to you this New Year and may you have the strength of the most determined, the strength of concentration while sitting looking at and piecing it all together and the strength over your body as you get to the end of completing your book … I see it done and a well deserved “Well Done” upon its completion. 2019 is the Year of Creativity so you are on the right ship for this project. All the best …

  2. Mary Anne Morel says:

    Hi Betty!
    Your itinerary is exhausting just to read. But you should be able to get some quiet time at Mt. Abu to start writing your book. India is the most amazing country; somehow it is possible to find a still centre in the middle of chaos. It just takes a degree of acceptance of and consequent immersion in what you find there. I loved India!

    Glad the hand is mending nicely. How long will you be doing hand therapy? Will you be able to type, or are you using voice technology? I have a friend who often dictates her email, and the computer faithfully reproduces her southern speech patterns. Quite funny!

  3. Prue Chambers says:

    Hi Betty Thanks for the update and I hope your hand heals well! Happy New Year and I hope this will be a good and safe one for you! All is well here, thank God, and the family are all doing just fine. I am slowing down a bit, but that is what comes with the aging process, isn’t it! Right now we do not have any major trips planned, but will see what the weather does and then make plans as appropriate! I am still taking a few services, but trying not to get too booked up, I don’t have the energy I used to have! I hope you have a really productive and creative writing time in India, and look forward to reading the results! Take care and hopefully we can stay in touch, meantime lots of love as always Prue >

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