Reflections on across Canada trip! Plus San Francisco and Boston of the US of A‎

I am in one of my heart homes, Newfoundland, at the home of Cathie and Ches in Harbour Grace, where I had a summer home for 10 years. When I arrived, I was shocked and sad to see “For Sale” sign in front of the house, I have visited this house every summer since 2008, (the year I sold my home here), it is a large home on the ocean called, Maples, it is 112 years old with a beautiful garden, which Cathie takes great pride in.

Caption, Home where I stay in Harbour Grace NL and it is for sale ( very sad)‎!!
 Home where I stay in Harbour Grace NL and it is for sale ( very sad)‎!!

Cathie and Ches are from Goose Bay Labrador, and are finding a large home just a bit too much to manage! We have had such fun times in this house with kids, family and friends and they have been very generous with my visits every year!

We shall see what happens with the sale, the real estate market‎ is not good here. I will also visit Fogo Island, in the north of the Province where a very successful business woman named Zita Cobb has developed a 29 room, unique hotel as destination with lowest prices of $1,000.00 a day, and climbing to $5,000.00, including meals, (bargain!?). The hotel is full and I will drive approximately 5 hours and take ferry for 1 hour just for lunch (I hope I can afford that).

Back to my travels and speaking gigs, next stop after Montreal was Quebec City, where lovely and committed Nicole took such good care of me. We did a lot of sightseeing, (always better, when done with someone that lives there). Off to Boston, where I did 3 programs, even one in Rhode Island, 3 evenings in a row.

Now, I must say the BK family in all cities, were absolutely the best, they all made me feel like the Queen! The idea of traveling across the country, meeting new people, seeing Canada in a way I would never have done‎ before was very special and I feel very lucky and blessed!

My last stop was Halifax, where Judy is Centre co-coordinator; Judy works as an Organizational Developer, for the corporate world. Judy took me on a retreat for 2 days to Antiginosh, NS where we stayed at the lovely home of Debbie and David for good conversation, meditation, thinking, planning, and wonderful fresh food! My friend Michael was also there, he had just moved from Toronto, back to his home in Nova Scotia. It was special to spend time with Judy, whom I never knew very well before, so I feel I have found another friend.

‎ The people who attended my talks seemed to be inspired, asked lot of questions, and felt that they could move forward with their life!

So, in closing I would like to thank Eric and the whole BK family across Canada, San Francisco, and Boston, everyone who made my visit and talks so successful, I know how much planning and thought go into all of this, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, until we meet again!!



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  2. hey this is one of my favorite posts … really from the heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



  3. Betty, so great to hear you are back home in Newfoundland. We would love to have you for dinner here in Carbonear, if you are available next week. Please give us a call at 596-7282, if you you would like to get together.

    Denise and peggy


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