European Union Observation’s‏

Since I am an old Political Junkie, I am going to make some points about the state of Health of the European Union.

Some of the following I have read, some come from the people on the street and some are my own observations.

The Euro currency is Blamed somewhat, but I’m not sure that would have made a difference.

Germany is growing and Italy, Portugal, France and Greece in a bad way.

Lots of talk about the lack of joint value’s in EU.

And also no emotional icon to hang hat on and bring EU together (example used is Statue of Liberty).

Germany is blamed for holding up approvals for certain operations such as oil drilling that could help certain countries such as Greece.

There is growing anger against Germany.

A statement that I’ve heard over and over again, no Emotional Core in EU!

The newspaper for the EU is the International New York Times (and it is good), But that upsets a lot of Europeans.

The overall euro zone economy is still around three percent smaller than it was before the crisis hit and the pace of recovery is slower than after the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

All in all a mess and they are talking about this becoming a lost decade.

For me, people have lost spirit and when they don’t have jobs, depression and anger set in.

The EU have elected bland Politicians

For what it is worth the above is what I have seen, heard and felt!!

When I started to travel last September there was very bad press about Obama but now it has toned down and even has become a little respectful!!

And last point, you can buy a 2 bedroom flat in Athens right in the centre where you can see all the sights from your terrace for 30 to 40 thousand Euros and I mean location, location, location!!!!



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  1. Hi Betty I enjoyed this post very much. Looking forward to seeing you June 22nd. Can you give me some idea of the time you are likely to arrive, just to make sure I am here!!! Love Prue

  2. Thanks Betty. Very interesting to hear since all I read in the news here is very pro-Germany so interesting to hear other views.

    I’m not sure if you can vote absentee but if you can, we could sure use your vote in the Ontario election – looking to be a cliffhanger

  3. Very interesting blog. It would be interesting to be on hand and actually hear what is being said on the street. Talk soon. Beth

  4. I , Am in Athens ,going Back to Canada June 12th, Euro strong , so it costs one and half dollars for I euro, Spain is not cheap and prices go up at this time of year. I am enjoying being Nomadic!!
    Hugs Barbara

  5. Betty, I hope to be in Spain (Barcelona) for a few weeks and perhaps travel around in Spain or France for a couple of weeks. How are prices in Barcelona? How is your trip going? when will you be leaving? Are you still in Majorca? Hope you are having fun. Barbara

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