Last month in Palma Mallorca‏

Here I am in my last month in Palma .I am not traveling anywhere this month. The weather is getting much better, warmth, sun and people on the beaches, not that I am complaining about what it was like before.

Beautiful Majorca
Beautiful Majorca

I am asked how I spend my days every day is different; I will give my Agenda for last week!

1. Zumba classes twice a week in Spanish

2. Spanish lessons with a young physicist/teacher , he is learning English and I Spanish( I wish I had done this months ago instead of taking formal lessons)

3. A trip to the western side of the island and next week we will do another one with my friend Glynis, I buy gas and lunch, she shows me the sights.

4. Attending Los Miserable’s with Jackie in Spanish. People here are very excited about this being in Palma (and it was excellent production).Even though I couldn’t understand it I had seen it many times and knew the music, good stuff is Universal! Jackie has lived here for years. She’s from the states and is an Anthropologist; she still has connection with Oxford and knows the island and its history very well.

Friends on trip around Island
Friends on trip around Island

5. Various dates for coffee, drinks (all in outdoor cafes) lunches and dinners with friends here.

6. Saw a movie in English, this week there are 4 in English, very unusual!

7. Annie, where I am staying has downloaded movies and HBO shows onto my computer (you can’t get Netflix in Spain). I’ve got True Detective( don’t miss it, very dark, but brilliant) Scandals,(busy)and House of Cards etc!( First season better than second one , in my opinion)

8. My big find yesterday was an American Chiropractic who gave me a great adjustment. He did them all in one room, with 5 adjustment tables lined up full of people. I figured 7 min if that at 25Euro’s per person is not a bad living!(One person got off table and another hoped on from waiting room)

9. I was also contacted by Margaret Trudeau’s book editor. She has a new book being published by Harper Collins in spring of 2015 about people 60+ who are doing different things with their lives. She had heard about my blog, read it, and decided she wanted me in her book! So I was interviewed for an hour on Skype. For those people who read this and don’t know who Margaret is, she was married to the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and led quite a colorful life. She wrote what I thought was a very honest and frank book a few years ago of her life, dealing with everything including mental illness. She has also given back to society in many ways; one I know about is water projects in Africa, so it was my pleasure to be part of this.

This I saw in Art sale, for a lot of Euros, but true!
This I saw in Art sale, for a lot of Euros, but true!

10. I also have Skype call once a week over Spirit of Humanity Forum to be held in Iceland in April.

11. I meditate by the sea on regular basis, which is 7 min walk from the flat.
So, all in all quite fun and diverse!

My biggest problem now is to find the cheapest way to get one of my suitcases back to Toronto!!! As I said before, I have 3 large suitcases here, which is ridiculous! The Nomadic Intern doesn’t know how to pack!! And of course I am bringing the tubes of hair color out of the suitcase, it is time! I have found Alexis here; she has lovely beauty shop Bill Angst in Toronto, who is the best! Sends me away around the world with tubes and instructions.

It is Sunday now and I love Sundays in Palma, the energy changes, and city becomes much softer, I am off to buy an Elton John ticket, they are doing feed from Caesars Palace in Vegas, that is being shown in Barcelona and here in Palma.

Greetings to all!

And thank you to all for reading my blog!
Any advice is always appreciated, I am very new at this, and please pass on to anyone that you think may be interested!



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