Luggage – packing , YIKES!!!!!‏

I have been asked by number of people how I pack for 5 months and 4 seasons. I don’t, it is a disaster!! When I left Palma at Christmas I left big duffle bag at Guest House and still came with 2 large suitcases. That makes 3 and a carry on.

I have habit of mailing clothes back to Canada, which was fine until I left India last September. I mailed a box home of Indian clothes from Spain, it arrived wrapped in plastic and no one opened it, why would they! The actual box was soaked in water including 3 new silk outfits, which I just had designed and made in India. Everything was ruined except for some shawl’s that were wrapped in plastic. I send stuff home by sea freight, much cheaper than air and it takes about 6 weeks.

Well I’ll be in Spain during spring, fall and winter; England in the spring, Iceland in the winter, Italy and France will be the same as Spain, plus Greece during spring and summer. I’ll be back in Canada for the middle of June after leaving the bitterly cold weather.. So what do I pack for five months? The items that are always with me.

-Silk sheets (warm)– just in case
-Silk long Underwear
-Many shawls and scarf s( different colours and weights)
-Black jeans (numerous pairs)
-White and black regular long sleeved T shirts
-Down vest
-Down long sleeved layering piece
-Black leather running shoes
-Hat , gloves , earmuff’s
-1 pair of black velvet jean’s for dress
-1 black leather loafer’s
-2 Cashmere sweaters.
-2 facecloth’s (not always available)
and of course my toilet paper!

I have friend here who has travelled the world for many years and she is still in her forties. She has one suitcase, with all of her belongings in the world and is a very sharp dresser. It puts me to shame, meanwhile I have closet full of clothes in Canada, bins full of clothes in storage etc. Maybe there is hope for me yet!!!

In closing I’m sitting in very fancy restaurant in Palma it’s about 8 in the evening. Ladies across from me playing cards , guys beside me on the computer drinking coffee, a woman on other side drinking wine, reading the newspaper and one couple seriously having a real dinner and me with my Salad and wine of course.


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